Day: 23 September 2020

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Take Back Control Brendan O'Neill has written a blistering piece for Spiked in which he urges the British people to take back control – not from Brussels, but from Boris and Dom! We can’t go on like this. We cannot continue to allow the Government to control every aspect of our lives. We cannot idly accept that the state has the right to introduce rules and regulations that dictate everything from how long we can stay in the pub to who we can invite to our weddings. We cannot sit back and watch as government scientists use jumped-up, fact-lite graphs of fear to try to terrify and pacify the populace and prep us for yet another onslaught on our liberties. We cannot just watch and nod as officials shut down more areas of the economy, with a stroke of their pen, plunging Britain further into the worst recession on record. This is not sustainable. Something has to give, something has to break. The only important question right now is this: how can we make sure that happens? I know exactly how he feels. Worth reading in full. A Reply to Tom Chivers Tom Chivers and James Ferguson disagree about the significance of the false positive rate of the PCR test Tom Chivers took a pop at Lockdown Sceptics in UnHerd ...

September 2020
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