Day: 28 September 2020

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Laurence Fox Has Raised £5 Million From Tory Donors According to a piece in the Mail yesterday, Laurence Fox hasn't raised £1 million to support his new political party, as reported in the Sunday Telegraph. He's raised £5 million! Laurence Fox is launching a new political party to fight the culture wars named Reclaim, and he has already raised more than £5million.The actor, 42, has received substantial sums from former Tory donors and hopes to stand dozens of candidates across the UK.The Lewis star says he wants to provide a movement for people who are "tired of being told that we represent the very thing we have, in history, stood together against".It comes as Nigel Farage has also threatened to launch an anti-lockdown party after criticising Boris Johnson's draconian measures to curb the rise in coronavirus cases. For anyone interested in joining Reclaim, there's an expression of interest form here. Stop Press: Patrick O'Flynn, a former UKIP MEP, has some cautionary words for Laurence in the Telegraph. His advice: sign up Nigel ASAP. National Union of Students Ignores Imprisonment of Students, Launches Campaign to "Decolonise Education" The President and Chief Executive of the NUS strategise about how best to spend students' money You couldn't make it up. At the very moment that tens of thousands of students across the United ...

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