Day: 5 September 2020

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Sunetra Gupta Censored? According to Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford University, she's finding it difficult to get journals to publish the work of her and her team. Many journal editors consider it "dangerous" because it challenges the lockdown orthodoxy. The Evening Standard has more: “We’ve found it difficult to publish our work in mainstream journals,” she said, adding “sadly anything that deviates from the consensus has been met with criticism – not simply of the science, but we’ve been labelled as saying things that are dangerous.” Professor Gupta, who regards herself as on the Left politically, is concerned about the impact of lockdown on the poorest and most disadvantaged. She welcomes the re-opening of schools since“evidence is mounting that early exposure to these various coronaviruses is what enables people to survive them”. Praising the return of schoolchildren to the classroom, she said that while children might transmit the virus, trade offs have to be made and that “we can take strong measures” to still protect the vulnerable who need to shield. Scientists like Sunetra Gupta and Carl Heneghan of Oxford's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine are the academics our political leaders should be listening to to get a wider perspective, particularly as real-world data consistently backs up their ideas and contradicts the outlandish predictions of Neil Ferguson and ...

September 2020
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