Day: 10 September 2020

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"I will be voting to curtail the Government’s powers in this area" – MP backlash begins MPs are beginning to suspect they know what ministers have replaced Parliament with Sir Charles Walker, the Vice Chairman of the influential Conservative 1922 committee of MPs, slammed the new restrictions on social gatherings saying he would vote to “curtail” the Government's powers. The Telegraph has the story. The changes will impose a legal limit on gatherings in private homes, parks, pubs and restaurants and will come into force in England on Monday.Sir Charles argued that ministers needed to come to the Commons and “win the argument” on policies, admitting he was “increasingly uncomfortable” about the way the Government was running.He said: “I am incredibly exercised about the continued use by the Government of powers that we granted it six months ago admittedly, to basically restrict people’s civil liberties without any recourse back to Parliament.“Now these powers are due to be reviewed at the end of September, or the beginning of October, and hopefully there will be another vote on them.“And I will be voting – if given the chance to vote in this rather strange Parliament – to curtail the Government’s powers in his area.” Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle was visibly livid that Matt Hancock had failed to make the announcement in the ...

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