Day: 25 September 2020

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Rishi Moves into Poll Position In the race to succeed Boris, Rishi Sunak moved into poll position yesterday with a cash giveaway that was widely welcomed in the press. The Telegraph's Camilla Tominey is in no doubt whose star is rising, and whose is falling. "Where's Boris?" is a refrain that has dogged the Prime Minister throughout the coronavirus crisis.It even featured on the front of last week's Spectator, as the magazine he once edited asked: "Where is the man we thought we voted for?"Never has Mr Johnson been more conspicuous by his absence than at Thursday's hugely significant Commons statement by Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor.As Mr Sunak introduced his winter economy plan, which will replace the furlough scheme with a new Job Support Scheme, the Prime Minister (and First Lord of the Treasury) was nowhere to be seen on the front bench.He later emerged at a police station in Northamptonshire (as seen in the video below), where he busied himself meeting new recruits, sitting in a police car with flashing lights and watching a first aid demonstration involving plastic dummies. Worth reading in full, although, according to Christopher Snowdon in the Spectator, Rishi is driving the nation to ruin. Meanwhile, some members of Team Rishi are no longer bothering to conceal which horse they're backing. Toby contributed to ...

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