Day: 8 September 2020

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Postcard From Dystopialand The Covid dragon prepares to breath virus particles on any visitors not wearing masks I've had a very busy day and unfortunately don't have time to do a proper update. So I thought I'd just publish this marvellous postcard I've received from Disneyland Paris. Disneyland has become Dystopialand. We all need a little normalcy in our lives. And a little fun. Hence, with lockdowns threatening to make a comeback in the winter months, it was quickly determined in our household that it was now or never to get our fill of the Disney themepark experience. It is still not popularly acknowledged, but such attractions are genuinely at risk of permanent closure due to the appalling economics associated with low capacity operations. I had run the numbers on the airline sector. They were bad enough. But theme parks like Disneyland were equally vulnerable. (Do see South Park’s Cartmanland episode to get the basic idea). V-shape or no v-shape recovery, the economic damage is such that in the long run only government bailouts or nationalisation are likely to preserve such assets. A nationalised Disneyland, however, is not something I can realistically stomach. And so it was we decided to set off to Paris and bear the consequences of quarantine.Unfortunately, what we encountered upon arrival was worse than anything I ...

September 2020
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