Day: 17 September 2020

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Follow The Covid Rules Or Get Kicked Out, Cambridge Tells Students Partying will be a "grave breach" at Trinity College Students at a Cambridge college have received a coronavirus "Community Statement" that they must sign and adhere to or risk being ejected from college accommodation. Lockdown Sceptics has seen the draconian rules issued by Trinity College to its students and it's a shocker. It states: You are required to sign this statement and adhere to it if you would like to return to, or remain resident in, College accommodation. No accommodation for the new academic year will be allocated until you return a signed copy of this statement. The Senior Tutor and Junior Bursar can withdraw your accommodation if you breach your commitment to follow the Community Statement. The rules, sorry, I mean "community guidelines", include being prepared to move rooms or leave at "very short notice", rigorous cleaning duties, no visitors, being limited to the bare minimum of possessions for "basic living standards", and a requirement to store in your room "three days' supply of non-perishable food for use in the event of a lockdown". Parties are "likely to be deemed a grave breach". The rules can change at any point. (The Guardian also has the story.) It is left entirely up to academic supervisors whether they will teach ...

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