Day: 30 September 2020

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From Tragedy to Farce: Boris Forgets His Own Rules Boris wonders what happened to his hammer as he's spotted another nut he needs to crack Several million people in the North-East had yet more Byzantine regulations inflicted on them yesterday by a Government that seems never to see a nut that doesn't put it in mind of a hammer. Yet hours later, the Prime Minister himself was unable accurately to explain the new rules. Ross Clark in the Telegraph has more. The Prime Minister has never exactly been a details man, but even so his failure accurately to recall the rules he had imposed on several million people in the North-East only hours before marks a new low in the Government’s handling of COVID-19. To come up with this myriad of rules, change them every few days, and to impose massive fines for failing to remember them, is a form of arbitrary rule which would have shamed one of the Tsars, let alone a democratically-elected UK Government.The PM's gaffe comes on the same day that 'Skills Minister' Gillian Keegan was asked on the Today programme whether the new restrictions announced for the North-East would allow two households to meet outdoors, and she said she had no idea.Such embarrassments expose the mess which the Government has created in its fondness for local lockdowns. If members of the ...

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