Day: 12 September 2020

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Simon Dolan To Challenge "Rule of Six" in the Court of Appeal A group of Covid Marshals set about their morning's work Simon Dolan's legal team is intending to bring up the "Rule of Six" in the Court of Appeal when it appeals the High Court's rejection of its legal challenge against the coronavirus regulations. The Telegraph has more. The new 'rule of six' Covid-19 restrictions face a legal challenge as the Government is taken to court over its “irrational” and “disproportionate” measures to combat coronavirus.Amid complaints that the new regulations barring meetings of more than six people will deny grandparents access to their grandchildren, lawyers plan to use them in support of a Court of Appeal claim that the lockdown measures were unlawful.The judicial review is being brought by multi-millionaire businessman Simon Dolan, backed by a £250,000 crowdfunding campaignThe action was initially rejected by the high court but is now subject of an appeal to be heard on September 28 and 29.“The appeal relates to legislation that was introduced before the latest measures. One of the reasons the judge tried to kybosh us was on the grounds that it was academic as the lockdown had been eased,” said Michael Gardner, one of the lawyers masterminding the action.“This shows that it is not academic, with the reintroduction of restrictions. It ...

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