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ONS: Flu and Pneumonia Have Killed More People Than Covid Since June Blower's latest cartoon in the Telegraph. He must be a lockdown sceptic. That's the headline finding in the ONS's latest release, as far as the Telegraph is concerned. But there's another pretty striking finding in the second paragraph too. Influenza and pneumonia has contributed to more weekly deaths than COVID-19 since the middle of June, new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.Just 78 people died of coronavirus in the week ending September 4th – the latest for which death registrations are available – the first time the figure has fallen below 100 since lockdown began in March.Just one per cent of deaths now mention coronavirus on the death certificate compared to 12.8% which mention influenza and pneumonia, making those conditions nearly 13 times more deadly.The numbers of overall deaths has also plummeted well below the five-year average for England and Wales, with 1,443 fewer deaths in the most recent weekly figures. This is a bit awkward for the Government. The day after its new draconian "Rule of Six" regulations are introduced, the ONS reveals there were fewer deaths in the week ending September 4th. Worth reading in full. Noel Gallagher: Sceptic of the Week Noel Gallagher performs on stage during day 1 of Madcool Festival ...

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