Day: 2 September 2020

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School Threatens to Send Children Home for Joking About Covid A school in Hastings has told parents it will send their children home if they make "humorous" or "inappropriate" jokes about Covid. The Independent has more. Pupils could be excluded for “malicious coughing or sneezing” or making “inappropriate” jokes about the coronavirus pandemic, a school has warned.And at a second school, any pupil refusing to follow hygiene routines and social distancing will immediately be moved to a separate area, leaders say.The Ark Alexandra Academy in Hastings, East Sussex, set out a list of coronavirus “red lines” that will result in fixed-term exclusions for pupils breaching them.The academy says “humorous, inappropriate comments or statements” related to Covid-19 and “purposeful physical contact with any other person” are off-limits and will risk the child being sent home. You can read the school's letter to parents here. Worth remembering that Milan Kundera's satirical novel The Joke about a man whose life is destroyed after he makes an inappropriate gag on a postcard to his girlfriend was set in Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia. Only 84% of Children Have Returned to School in Scotland Tens of thousands of children have not returned to school in Scotland, according to the BBC. More than 100,000 pupils in Scotland are absent from school with attendance down to 84.5%, according to ...

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