Day: 11 September 2020

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Operation Moonshine We've been hearing for some time that the Government hopes to return to "normal" through mass testing of the population with enforced quarantine for those who fail the test. Boris Johnson has now dubbed this "Operation Moonshot" and to say it has not gone down well with experts would be an understatement. Sky has more. The mass testing programme would cost £100bn – almost as much as the government spends on the NHS each year (£130bn) – according to a briefing memo seen by medical journal the BMJ. A separate document revealed there were plans to grow the UK's testing capacity from the current 350,000 a day to up to 10 million a day by early 2021...Anthony Costello, a former World Health Organisation director and UCL professor, wrote on Twitter: "The PM's Moonshot nonsense (no science, feasibility, evidence) has been earmarked for £100bn, almost the entire NHS budget, w contracts for Astra, Serco and G4S. This is waste/corruption on a cosmic scale." ...Dr David Strain, Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter and chairman of the BMA's medical academic staff committee, said the mass testing strategy is "fundamentally flawed"."The Prime Minister's suggestion that this will be as simple as 'getting a pregnancy test' that will give results within 15 minutes is unlikely, if not impossible, in the ...

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