Close to A Third of English 18-30 Year-Olds Not Vaccinated Against Covid

The Government is employing all the tricks it can think of to “coax and cajole” young Britons into getting vaccinated against Covid, the threat of vaccine passport checks at nightclubs and other ‘large venues’ being the most notable among these. In its latest ad campaign, which is being shown on billboards, on television and on social media platforms, young people are told they will “miss out on the good times” if they don’t get ‘jabbed’. But the latest figures show that these efforts may not be having as big of an impact as officials had hoped, with almost a third of English adults under the age of 30 still not vaccinated. BBC News has the story.

Three in 10 adults under the age of 30 have not had a first dose of a Covid vaccine, according to NHS England estimates.

Uptake is around 81% for people in their 30s and 89% for those in their 40s. It is 90% in all other age groups.

The lower rate among younger adults persists despite concerted efforts to encourage uptake. Food delivery and ride-hailing firms including Uber, Bolt and Deliveroo have been offering incentives to get people vaccinated. …

Responding to the figures, the Prime Minister tweeted that it was “fantastic” that 70% of adults under 30 “have come forward to get vaccinated”.

But he added: “Please get your jab if you haven’t already. It is our best route to beating the virus and getting back to the things we love.”

Worth reading in full.

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