Postcard From Poland

We’re publishing a new postcard today, this one by a man who’s just returned from Poland with his wife and two kids. Sounds like life there is relatively normal, which is great news. Here’s an extract:

Getting there was relatively easy. The wife and I are double jabbed – I know some people think we have sold our souls by doing this, but if it means I can take my wife and kids to Poland to see the family, then to me it is a small price to pay.

Once we were there, it appeared Poland was treating Covid with the respect it deserves, which is essentially not much at all. The authorities do require quarantining from the U.K. if unvaccinated. However, this was brought in after the Delta variant got blown out of all proportion by our media. People from all other countries are exempt if they produce a negative test, which you can do at the airport.

Once through the border checks, life is pretty much as normal – there is no ‘new normal’. Masks are ‘required’ at airports, hotels and bigger establishments, but enforcement is sporadic and based on how zealous the person behind the counter is. In all other settings, masks are not worn and, unlike in the U.K., where if you choose not to wear a mask you are looked at with a mixture of disdain, smugness, disgust and pity, the Poles respect your decision and leave it at that.

In all other aspects of life, everything is as before. Everyone is getting on with their lives and enjoying themselves.

Worth reading in full.

You can read our other postcards by clicking on ‘Around the World in 80 Lockdowns’ at the bottom of the right-hand menu. They provide a great snapshot of how different governments around the world are dealing with the pandemic – all getting it wrong in their own way. The one by a university professor in Argentina is particularly good.

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