A Care Home Official Asks: “How Can I in All Conscience Sack Someone Who Has Done Nothing Wrong?”

There was a good letter in the Telegraph yesterday by a care home official in despair at the fact that unvaccinated carers must be booted out of their jobs later this year. It is estimated that six in 10 care facilities will be forced to sack some of their staff because they haven’t been ‘jabbed’, but this official rightly asks: “How can I in all conscience sack someone who has done nothing wrong?

SIR – I am chair of trustees of a private care home. In March 2020 we were given no option but to accept some residents with Covid back from hospital.

Despite all precautions, the disease rampaged through residents and staff. Many older people died, with only our loyal and loving carers at their side. Of staff, 90% caught the disease. They recovered and returned. We have been clear of Covid for over 15 months.

Now I am told I must sack staff who do not wish to be vaccinated. Their loyalty, skill and competence are not in question. How can I in all conscience sack someone who has done nothing wrong? This draconian rule only applies to care homes in England. Where is the justice in that?

I have been vaccinated and support vaccination but how is it reasonable to take people’s jobs because they do not wish to endure this invasive procedure? They cannot be made redundant because the job is still open.

This law hasn’t been thought through. It would have been better if we had been allowed to keep the staff we have and not employ any new unvaccinated staff. I am in despair about this injustice.

Barbara Korzeniowska

London W13

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