Covid Cases Have Fallen Every Day For a Week

Covid cases across the U.K. have fallen for the seventh day in a row, reaching 23,511 on Tuesday. This is the lowest number recorded in a single day in the whole of July. MailOnline has the story.

The Department of Health recorded another 23,511 infections across the U.K. over the past 24 hours, down by half on last Tuesday. This marks the biggest week-on-week fall in cases since they started coming down last week.

There were 131 Covid deaths, which was up by more than a third in seven days and the highest number since mid-March when the second wave was dying down.

Boris Johnson desperately tried to dampen rampant optimism about falling Covid cases today, saying people must not jump to “premature conclusions” and the Government will be “very cautious”.

But his comments came just hours after ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson hinted the U.K. could be looking back at the pandemic in just two months time.

Professor Ferguson suggested the current dip was down to the end of the Euros football tournament and warmer weather allowing people to spend more time outdoors.

He added there would be “uncertainty” into the Autumn, but stressed that the calculations had “fundamentally” shifted because of the vaccines. …

Experts have suggested that high numbers of young people catching the disease during the Euros could have helped to squash the latest peak, as they now have some immunity and otherwise may not have been vaccinated.   

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: SAGE panjandrums have been trotting out excuses for why they got this so wrong. According to MailOnline, the top contenders are:

  • The vaccine roll-out
  • School holidays
  • The end of the Euros
  • Warmer weather
  • The ‘pingdemic’

But, surely, all of these things were completely foreseeable? Why, then, were they not included in the models? And given that the scientific ‘experts’ left all these things out, why should we trust SAGE’s modelling again?

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