300 Italian Health Workers Launch Legal Action against Government over Mandatory Vaccination

300 healthcare workers across Italy have launched a “democratic battle” against mandatory vaccination in the form of a legal challenge against their Government. Barron’s has the story.

The case, brought by professionals throughout northern Italy, will be heard on July 14th.

“This isn’t a battle by ‘anti-vaxxers’ but a democratic battle,” Constitutional Lawyer Daniele Granara, who helped build up the case, was cited as saying in the Giornale di Brescia newspaper.

“We force people to take a risk under threat of no longer being allowed to exercise their profession,” he added.

Granara is also defending dozens of caregivers who have been suspended from work for refusing to be vaccinated.

Italy passed a law in April obliging anyone working in public or private social health positions, including in pharmacies and doctors’ offices, to get vaccinated against Covid or be suspended without pay, unless their employer can reassign them to a less sensitive position.

After the elderly and vulnerable, caregivers including teachers were the first to be vaccinated in Italy.

While the British GMB Union has warned that more than a third of its members in social care would consider quitting if vaccines are mandated, the Government has not yet been faced by legal action on the matter.

Worth reading in full.

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