Quarter of Young Adults in U.K. Not Vaccinated Against Covid

Young Brits aged 18 and up have been able to get their first dose of a Covid vaccine since late June. Since this time, there have been numerous ad campaigns telling the young they will “miss out on the good times” if they don’t get ‘jabbed’, constant offers of petty bribes, including free burgers (and some not-so-petty bribes, including a £5,000 cash prize) incentivising vaccination and the underlying threat of vaccine passport checks at nightclubs and other ‘large venues’.

All of this has been intended to “coax and cajole” the young into getting ‘jabbed’, but the latest figures show that one in four young adults in the U.K. still haven’t come forward. The Independent has the story.

In total, 2.76 million people aged between 18 and 29 years-old were yet to receive a first dose on Wednesday – down only slightly from an estimated 2.81 million the previous week, according to figures released by the U.K.’s four national health agencies.

Their latest estimates suggest that the percentages of people in this age group still unvaccinated range from 23.5% in Wales, 29.2% in Northern Ireland, 25.6% in Scotland and 27.7% in England. …

Following reports in late July that Boris Johnson was said to be “raging” about the low uptake among young people, the Government has launched a host of initiatives encouraging young people to get inoculated, ranging from publicity campaigns to pop-up vaccination centres. …

Despite these initiatives, the latest figures suggest there is still a significant portion of young adults reluctant to have the vaccine.

In Birmingham, more than half of the population in that age group have still not received a vaccine dose, according to analysis by the PA news agency – making it the local authority in England with the highest estimated percentage of unvaccinated 18 to 29 year-olds.

The next highest is Coventry at 49.8%, followed by Liverpool with 46.7%, and the London borough of Islington, where 46.4% of people in that age group are yet to receive a jab.

In total there are 54 local authority areas in England where at least one third of young adults have yet to receive a vaccine dose.

These include the big cities of Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield and Leeds.

Worth reading in full.

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