The Pingdemic: More Than Half a Million People in England ‘Pinged’ by Test and Trace App in Just One Week

Given the number of people being ‘pinged’ by Test and Trace, it is no wonder that so many are deleting the NHS Covid app or never bothered downloading it in the first place. The latest figures show that in just one week, more than half a million people in England alone were told they needed to self-isolate after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid. Sky News has the story.

A total of 520,194 alerts were sent to users of the NHS Covid app in the week to July 7th, telling them they had been in close contact with someone who had tested positive for coronavirus.

This is up from 356,677 the previous week – a rise of 46% – and is the highest weekly figure since data was first published in January.

It comes as some companies are reportedly missing 20% of their workers.

Factories across Britain are in danger of closing down as a result of employees being ‘pinged’ by the app, union Unite warned.

The union said large numbers of workers are being told to self-isolate, with companies in the automotive industry particularly affected.

This morning Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said the Government is “concerned” about the number of people off work due to being ‘pinged’ by the app.

Mr Jenrick told LBC radio today: “It is important that we have the app, that we take it seriously, that when we do get those messages we act accordingly.”

But Mr Jenrick said ministers would give “further thought” on how the Government can ensure it is a “proportionate response”.

Worth reading in full.

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