US Reopening Faster than UK

Despite being ahead of the US in its rollout of the vaccine, the UK is far behind when it comes to unlocking restrictions. Recent reports have suggested that some of the UK’s current restrictions could be in place for more time than was originally expected, not less. The Telegraph has the story.

The US is rapidly casting off Covid restrictions despite trailing the UK in its race to vaccinate their population.

As the UK remains in tight lockdown, wide swathes of America are now almost back to business as usual. Texas is “open 100%” according to its Governor, who has also done away with any requirement to wear a mask.

In Florida this weekend thousands of students packed on to beaches during Spring Break, while families poured into Disney World.

California, one of the most restrictive states during the pandemic, this week allowed restaurants to open for indoor dining, and permitted gyms and cinemas to operate with limited capacity.

On Friday, Joe Biden celebrated reaching his goal of having 100 million vaccine doses administered in his first 100 days. The target was surpassed six weeks early.

But the US still lags behind the UK in rolling out vaccines.

The UK has administered about 41 vaccine doses per 100 people. The US effort stands at 35 per 100 people. Both are in the top five nations on this metric.

Around 60,000 coronavirus cases, and over 1,000 deaths, are still being recorded in the US.

The UK totals are less than 6,000 cases and around 100 deaths daily, around one tenth of the US levels.

However, the UK remains glued in lockdown. Schools returned on March 8th, but not until March 29th will up to six people be allowed to meet outdoors.

Only by April 12th will hairdressers and gyms open, along with pubs for outdoor use.

Such restrictions are already unrecognisable in the US.

Clearly, America’s vaccine rollout has been impressive. The question, therefore, is not “why is the US coming out of lockdown so early” but, rather, “why is the UK still in lockdown”?

Worth reading in full.

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