Partial Easing of Lockdown Restrictions in Scotland

From Friday, private garden parties and picnics in parks – with up to four people from two households – will be permitted in Scotland, under an “accelerated” easing of the country’s lockdown before Easter. Nicola Sturgeon also announced that churches will be able to hold services for up to 50 worshippers. The Telegraph has the story.

From Friday, up to four Scots from two households will be allowed to meet for social and recreational purposes, as well as essential exercise, meaning private garden parties and picnics in parks will be permitted.

Ms Sturgeon further relaxed the rules for children aged between 12 and 17, with four from up to four households allowed to meet outside so they can “see more of their friends than is currently the case”. There is no limit for younger children.

She also announced that up to 15 people will be permitted to meet outside for non-contact sport and group exercise and that community worship will restart from March 26th, in time for Easter.

Unlike in England, churches are shut in Scotland for worship and are only allowed to open for services being broadcast, conducting a marriage or civil partnership or a funeral.

But Ms Sturgeon said communal worship would be allowed to restart on March 26th, with the pre-lockdown limit on attendance increased from 20 to 50, subject to two-metre social distancing.

The Church of Scotland welcomed the announcement, “assuming physical distancing of 2m can be in place”.

Despite this relaxation, Scots will still be required to stay at home except for specific purposes – a rule which, from Friday, will also include limited outdoor socialising.

Worth reading in full.

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