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Nic Sturge-on Reported to Police For Breaking Her Own Mask Mandate

Scotland’s Supreme Leader, Nic Sturge-on, has been reported to the police after footage emerged showing her apparently breaching Scotland’s Covid face mask rules on the council election campaign trail. GB News has more.

A video posted on social media appears to show Scotland’s First Minister not wearing a mask during a visit to a barber’s in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, on Saturday.

There is currently a legal requirement to wear a face covering in most indoor public places in Scotland, including shops, public transport and hairdressers.

In the video, Ms. Sturgeon appears to be seen without a face covering as she mingles with customers and pats the head of a man in a barber’s chair while mimicking the sound of an electric razor.

The First Minister is wearing a tartan face mask in the video of her visit to Iconic Gents Hair posted on her official Twitter account, in which she can be seen shaving a man’s beard.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have received a complaint which is currently being assessed.”

The legal requirement to wear a face mask in indoor settings in Scotland moves into guidance on Monday, however the Scottish Government has strongly recommended that people continue to wear them where appropriate.

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane MSP said: “The video clearly shows Nicola Sturgeon isn’t practicing what she preaches on facemasks.

“She’s happy virtue signalling for official photos but behind closed doors it’s clear she doesn’t believe in her own rules so why should anyone else?

“This is blatant hypocrisy from the First Minister who has now shown her true colours.

“The public, who have been under these legal Covid restrictions for over two years, deserve an apology for this rule break.”

In December 2020, Ms. Sturgeon apologised after she breached Covid rules by taking off her face mask at a funeral wake.

She described it as “a stupid mistake”, and said: “I’m really sorry.”

Worth reading in full.

In case readers have forgotten, Nicola Sturgeon called on Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunack to resign five days ago after they were issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for breaking their own Covid rules.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Self-Destructive Net Zero Policies Are Based on Make-Believe Data

Always keen to stay one step ahead of the English, Nicola Sturgeon has set the Scottish Net Zero target at 2045, five years ahead of England’s. No longer can anyone pretend that the climate catastrophe is some abstract event, the Scottish First Minister told the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow. “You only have to see the increasing numbers of severe weather events around the world to know that the climate, and the planet is changing rapidly”, she added.

Alas, it appears some pretence is now required to promote the Scottish Net Zero agenda using the ‘climate fireball’ scare tactic.

According to the Met Office graph (above), the temperature in Scotland has stalled and has barely moved for almost 20 years. Indeed Scotland seems to be leading the way in plateauing measurements. Satellite data show that the global temperature pause is almost eight years long, although, as in Scotland, the start of the slow down can be dated before 2000. Of course, Sturgeon is never going to be short of a bit of bad or severe weather somewhere in the world to point a finger at. And, needless to say, climate change must also be seen as a “feminist” issue.

But old scare habits die hard. Last week, the Government-sponsored Climate Change Committee (CCC) issued some nannying nonsense about tackling climate change in Scotland, and stated that the process had “stalled”. The chairwoman of the CCC adaptation committee Julia King, Baroness Brown of Cambridge, told the BBC that the average temperature in Scotland “has risen by 0.5°C” over the last 30 years. According to the Met Office graph, the figure is around 0.4°C. In addition, King’s figure is clearly cherry picked, since most of the rise occurred in the last century.

Scotland’s Supreme Leader Nic Sturge-on Sparks Fury as She Keeps Mask Mandate in Place For WEEKS More at Least

Scotland’s Supreme Leader Nic Sturge-on sparked fury today as she U-turned on plans to remove Scotland’s last remaining Covid laws by keeping mask rules in place for weeks more at least. MailOnline has more

The First Minister told Holyrood the face covering restrictions would be kept for at least two more weeks amid a spike in cases.

She had been under pressure to bring Scotland into line with England by scrapping all remaining social restrictions, including laws demanding masks be worn indoors in public places. 

Opponents had urged the First Minister not to backtrack but Chief Medical Officer Sir Gregor Smith had advised a cautious approach amid concern over a recent rise in case numbers.

And Ms. Sturgeon told MSPs in Edinburgh today that keeping the mask mandate was “prudent” and expected to lift the law before the Easter school holidays, with a decision in 14 days.

But Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross slammed the decision, saying: “It’s true that cases rates are higher at the moment than any of us would like. But Covid cases were always going to rise as restrictions were eased.

“We can’t get complacent with Covid but we have to move forward, we cannot stay stuck with Covid rules forever. That’s why it will be a blow for households and businesses that the First Minister has decided to keep the face mask rules in place…

“Why won’t the First Minister trust the Scottish public to take the steps they think are right to protect themselves and their families? And why are we back to this ‘wait-and-see’ approach again with no firm date to allow businesses and the public to plan ahead?”

Other measures still in place, like forcing businesses to collect customer contact details, will cease on Monday as planned.

The First Minister also confirmed plans to stop widespread Covid testing by the end of April.

The absurdity of continuing the restrictions is shown by a quick comparison of the infection rates in Scotland and England. Scotland has seen infections rise much sooner and faster than England, despite keeping various restrictions in place.

Nic Sturge-on’s ‘Power Grab’ Law Making Lockdown Powers Permanent May Unlawfully Breach Human Rights, Says Children’s Commissioner

Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘power grab’ legislation, which takes the extraordinary step of making permanent her emergency Covid powers – including the power to shut schools and make laws “directly or indirectly imposing restrictions or requirements” on people or premises – may be unlawful and open to challenge in the courts for breaching parents’ and pupils’ human rights, Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner has said. The Telegraph has more.

Bruce Adamson said the emergency powers introduced in 2020 represented “some of the most serious interferences” with human rights imposed by Government since the Universal Declaration on Human Rights was adopted more than 70 years ago.

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland said any such powers were only lawful if they were “time limited” and expressed “considerable concerns” that the Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform Bill) would make them permanent.

In extraordinary evidence to a Holyrood inquiry, he concluded that “even if not used, they may therefore not be lawful under the terms of Article 15” of the European Convention on Human Rights.

He warned the Bill would give ministers an extraordinary range of powers “for substantial interference into children’s right to an education, as well as a wide range of their human rights”. …

The Commissioner repeatedly expressed concerns about the Government allowing the powers to permanently sit “on the books” for future public health emergencies, saying this “reduces the opportunity for parliamentary scrutiny” if they were to be used.

Although similar powers were hurriedly introduced at the start of the pandemic, he said they were largely unused, before concluding: “We are therefore unconvinced their inclusion in legislation on a permanent basis is proportionate.”

The Bill gives ministers wide-ranging powers to respond to public health measures, similar to the temporary ones they have used during the pandemic, which have recently been extended by another six months to September 24th.

Among the host of powers the legislation will give Scottish ministers on a permanent basis are the ability to shut schools and to make laws “directly or indirectly imposing restrictions or requirements” on people or any premises.

But a public consultation on the plans published alongside the Bill showed overwhelming opposition to it, with respondents complaining of an “undemocratic overreach of government power which many felt breached human rights”.

Scotland’s Vaccine Passports to End on Monday – But Mask Mandate to Continue For Yet Another Month

Scotland’s vaccine passport scheme will end on Monday (February 28th) and the rest of the country’s Covid restrictions, including the mandating of face masks, will end on March 21st, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced – nearly a month after England’s ‘last’ restrictions are lifted on Thursday and nearly two months after England’s mask mandate was lifted on January 26th. Guidance will remain in place, including the advice to self-isolate (which has never been a legal requirement in Scotland). BBC News has more.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said people would still be advised to wear masks in shops and on public transport.

But all legal restrictions on people and businesses will end as part of an effort to “return to a normal way of life”.

Meanwhile, the country’s vaccine passport scheme will end on February 28th.

The plan is part of a new strategic framework the Government has drawn up for dealing with the pandemic in the future.

Ms Sturgeon said it would see Scotland move away from legal restrictions, relying instead on “vaccines, treatments, and sensible adaptations and good public health behaviours”.

The move comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England’s restrictions will be lifted on Thursday, with the requirement to self-isolate dropped and free mass testing to end in April.

Ms Sturgeon expressed frustration at Mr Johnson’s approach, calling for clarity about how the testing system – which operates U.K.-wide – would operate in future.

However she said the level of infection and hospital admissions were falling sufficiently to set a timetable for the easing of the curbs still in place in Scotland.

The Covid certification scheme – vaccine passports which are required when attending large events including concerts and football matches – will come to an end on Monday February 28th.

And the remaining legal restrictions will be phased out on March 21st – including the requirement for people to wear face covering in enclosed spaces and on public transport, and rules for businesses on collecting customer details and taking measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

With England lifting measures this week, and Denmark doing so three weeks ago, why is Scotland waiting yet another four weeks? What is four more weeks of suspending civil liberties supposed to achieve? What is the evidence to support this policy? None was presented.

Worse, Scotland is to extend the powers underpinning face mask and vaccine passports until September, and is also keeping the vaccine passport apps live so that venues can operate voluntary systems. Ms Sturgeon defended this saying it was necessary to have “contingency measures” for use in future as it was highly likely the country would face a threat from new variants, and that it was “proportionate” to allow firms the choice of using vaccine passports, saying some might see an advantage in “making people feel more confident about going and using their services”.

Worth reading in full.

Scotland’s Glorious Leader Nic Sturge-on Graciously Allows Pub Customers to be Served Standing Up

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has agreed to lift those Covid restrictions brought in to combat the Omicron variant, admitting the country is on the “downward slope” of infections. MailOnline has more.

From next Monday, January 24th, bars and restaurants will no longer only be able to serve customers seated at tables, while social distancing will also be removed.

Nightclubs will also be allowed to reopen as she sweeps away restrictions in place since before Christmas, while plans to extend the Covid passport scheme have been scrapped.

Attendance limits on indoor events will also be lifted – bringing them into line with outdoor events in a move that came into effect yesterday.

However baseline coronavirus measures in place before the Omicron wave will remain, including masks are still legally required indoors and on public transport.

The First Minister also announced the Scottish Government would not be expanding its vaccine certification scheme into new venues with the Tories demanding it be scrapped entirely.

Addressing the Scottish Parliament today, Ms Sturgeon said statistics showed a “significant fall” in new cases, though the NHS remained under “acute pressure”.

She said: “Taking all of this into account, and triangulating the various sources of data, allows us to say with some confidence that the rise in cases driven by Omicron peaked in the first week of January and that we are now on the downward slope of this wave of cases.”

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: Daily Covid cases have dropped by 20%, week-on-week, and Sajid Javid hints that ‘Plan B’ restrictions will be “substantially reduced” next week. MailOnline has more.

Supreme Leader Nic Sturge-on Tells Scots They May Have to Wear Masks For Years

People in Scotland may have to wear masks in public places for years to come, Nicola Sturgeon has warned – in spite of the fact that masked-up Scotland has a higher number of cases per 100,000 than England. MailOnline has more.

The First Minister insisted that tough curbs dramatically imposed on hospitality venues and large gatherings from Boxing Day had stemmed the spread of Covid, despite official figures showing that Scotland’s virus rate is higher than England’s.

And furious business leaders said Miss Sturgeon’s “gamble” with restrictions must end after they failed to make “any meaningful difference” to infections in Scotland.

Speaking ahead of today’s announcement about extending restrictions beyond next week, Miss Sturgeon said face coverings “might be required in the longer-term to enable us to live with it [Covid] with far fewer protective measures”.

In England, Covid restrictions could start to be lifted this month after Michael Gove said Britain was moving towards a situation where it could “live with” the virus.

Downing Street is examining options to lift Plan B measures in stages if cases remain too high to remove them all in one go. Extending Covid passes, due to expire on January 26th, would require another bruising clash with Tory backbenchers, which No 10 wants to avoid.

But some ministers are pushing for the WFH guidance to be removed first, arguing that it causes the most damage to the economy.

Miss Sturgeon told STV’s Scotland Tonight: “Sometimes when you hear people talk about learning to live with Covid, what seems to be suggested is that one morning we’ll wake up and not have to worry about it any more, and not have to do anything to try to contain and control it.

“That’s not what I mean when I say ‘learning to live with it’. Instead, we will have to ask ourselves what adaptations to pre-pandemic life – face coverings, for example – might be required in the longer-term to enable us to live with it with far fewer protective measures.”

Worth reading in full.

According to the Government’s coronavirus dashboard, the number of cases per 100,000 is currently higher in those parts of the United Kingdom with severe Covid restrictions in place than it is in England, including Scotland.

Stop Press: Nicola Sturgeon has announced that some Covid restrictions in Scotland will be lifted next Monday, including the ban on more than 500 people attending football and rugby matches, and she hoped other restrictions would be lifted the following Monday, pending a review of the data, including limits on attendance at indoor live events, table service in hospitality businesses, and distancing in indoor public spaces. But anyone wanting to access those events will still require a Covid Pass – and merely being double-vaccinated won’t be sufficient if the second jab was more than four months ago. From Monday January 17th only those who’ve had a second dose within four months, had a booster or uploaded the result of a recent lateral flow test will be able to download a Covid Pass. What’s more, she’s thinking about extending those venues that require Covid certification to include pubs, bars and restaurants.

Stop Press 2: Jamie Blackett in the Telegraph says it’s time to disabuse people of the idea that Nicola Sturgeon has had a good Pandemic.

Why Have the Scots Been So Compliant?

We’re publishing a guest post today by two Scottish academics, Professor Roger Watson and Dr. Niall McCrae, about why the Scots have proved so willing to comply with the SNP’s draconian Covid restrictions. Their unprotesting acceptance of the cancellation of Hogmanay is particularly mystifying given that the latest data suggests only one Omicron patient has been admitted to intensive care in Scotland.

Hogmanay has always been a special night in the Scottish calendar. But looking forward to ‘the bells’ at a Glasgow bar, dozens of revellers were taken aback by the sudden arrival of a troop of police officers. The Avant Garde bar was known to be relaxed on Covid restrictions, and the police had apparently been tipped off that a couple had taken to the dance floor. Six vans arrived, and the ensuing scenes (later reported by the mainstream media but only after going viral on Twitter) showed that in Sturgeon’s Scotland the priority is not protecting public health but ensuring full compliance with the draconian rules. As in the film Footloose, set in a religiously rigid American town, dancing is considered a danger to public order.

How did Scotland become such an oppressive society? This, we believe, is rooted in two potent forces: first, the engrained sense of subjugation (actual or perceived) by the English; and secondly by a predilection to Calvinist discipline.

A Hogmanay Tale From Central Edinburgh

We’ve been sent a semi-autobiographical, satirical short story by one of our Scottish readers who, for understandable reasons, wishes to remain anonymous. We hope you enjoy it.

It was the night before Hogmanay 2021 and all through the silent Edinburgh streets bored tourists walked past closed pubs, shuttered nightclubs and barely-filled restaurants. Lured by promoters’ tales of “legendary” Scottish hospitality in the alcohol-fuelled, self-styled capital of the New Year party world, they had risked quarantine at an airport hotel with a daily diet of Tunnocks tea cakes in the hope that the spontaneous Princes St kiss with a hairy highland stranger as the bells struck midnight might not turn out to be a snog with another South East Asian tourist under a wee Jimmy wig. Too late, these disappointed visitors, who in a parallel world might have contributed to the needy coffers of the Caledonian economy in fair exchange for “a guid time”, had come to realise that the entire country was under the iron, liberty crushing, control of one woman, Scotland’s very own Old Nic.

Meanwhile, in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge, favoured residential suburb of precious professionals seeking proximity to the cathedral of lockdown virtue-signalling, Waitrose, the McAllister family returned home from the last of the annual Christmas visits to Ma McAllister’s relatives which Pa McAllister and daughter, Dotty, had for once been unable to avoid as their conveniently essential prior engagements had been cancelled by Old Nic. “Please tell me I don’t need to see any more of these people for another year,” came the cry as they stumbled through their own front door adorned with its tasteful, homemade holly wreath. “That’s definitely it,” Ma assured them, yet at the back of her mind was the niggling doubt that someone had been missed, somebody, or indeed several somebodies, who had come to play such a central part in their lives that it would be shocking if, as the year drew to a close, Ma did not let them know how much, for good or ill, they meant to the McAllisters.

It was then that Ma noticed Pa slipping off up the stairs into the bedroom with that dreamy smile on his face, softly closing the door behind him. Of course, how could she have forgotten…

It had all started about 21 months ago. Alarmist news flashes were warning of an apocalyptic illness sweeping the globe, as journalists salivated that the rerun of the Spanish flu story they had been preparing for (some might say longing for) every time an exotic bird sneezed, could finally keep them all gainfully employed. In Pa’s study it was business as usual. “How do I save a document again?” he was asking for the 156th time. “Click on File, then on Save,” replied Ma without drawing breath as she continued the daily rebalancing of the McAllister’s global equity portfolio whilst making two rounds of french toast. There was silence from Pa. Then: “It says on my phone that Boris is closing the country for three weeks, no one is to move, shops and schools will shut, but you’re allowed out for an hour to exercise or get essential food.” “Don’t be ridiculous,” said Ma, as she recalibrated the chain saw whilst mentally debating the risks and benefits of a small cryptocurrency position. “Only a mad man would do that, and anyway, we don’t live in North Korea.” But for once, Ma was wrong.

English Border Pubs Bracing For 100,000 to Cross From Scotland and Wales on New Year’s Eve

English border pubs are expecting upwards of 100,000 Scottish and Welsh revellers to cross into England on New Year’s Eve amid mounting anger at Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford for cracking down on festivities. MailOnline has more.

On Monday, Boris Johnson confirmed England will not see additional Covid measures introduced before New Year’s Eve despite nightclubs closing and curbs being placed on large gatherings in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The restrictions on events in neighbouring nations are expected to prompt a flood of people crossing into England to celebrate on Friday December 31st.

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney today admitted the Scottish government is powerless to stop Scots heading to England.

But he said he would “discourage” people from making the trip, arguing it is not in the “spirit of the rules that we are putting forward”.

Mr Swinney said there will be no policing of the border to stop people crossing and ultimately “people are free to make their own judgements”.

His comments came as Ms Sturgeon prepares to deliver a Covid update this afternoon after case numbers in Scotland reached record highs.

The festive period has seen daily cases in Scotland climb to more than 8,000, with a pandemic-high of 11,030 recorded on Boxing Day.

It remains unclear whether Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, is planning to introduce further restrictions, stick with the ones she has already announced, or remove some of the existing curbs.

The regional differences on social gatherings are expected to see a surge in Scottish and Welsh revellers crossing into England on New Year’s Eve.

Greg Mulholland, at the Campaign for Pubs, said as many as 100,000 could cross the borders for a “normal” New Year’s Eve without table service-only or mask wearing requirements.

He told the Sun: “We need a more coordinated, common sense approach. It’s confusing for the many thousands of people who live near a border, and frustrating for publicans in Scotland and Wales.”

Social media was flooded with people saying they planned to head to England on Friday to bring in the New Year in the face of stringent restrictions on clubs and bars in their own nations.

Furious Tory MPs and hospitality bosses in Scotland and Wales yesterday demanded Ms Sturgeon and Mr Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister, publish figures justifying their Covid crackdowns.

City centres in the principalities, including Northern Ireland, were pictured desolate and lifeless last night amid the introduction of new Covid restrictions for pubs and clubs, which included the rule of six and social distancing for thousands of venues.

Meanwhile revellers let their hair down in England after Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed no new rules would be put in place before the end of the year.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: Former Labour MP Tom Harris says the absurd new Covid Rules in Scotland and Wales prove the Left just loves to boss everyone about.