Finally! YouGov Poll Finds Public Opposed to Lockdown

A YouGov poll for the Times, has revealed that a majority of the British population are opposed to further Covid restrictions. Guido Fawkes has more.

Guido can’t remember the last time a poll on Covid saw the public really reject any proposed restrictions on civil liberties, however a new one in today’s Times demonstrates just that. According to a poll of 1,714 people between the 14th and 15th, the arrival in Omicron saw very little movement on the public’s opposition to:

– Shutting pubs and restaurants: 60% opposition
– Shutting non-essential shops: 65% opposition
– Banning indoor meetings with people from other households: 62% opposition
– Banning indoor meeting people from other households on Christmas Day: 68%
– Pubs, bars and restaurants not being allowed to open on New Year’s Eve: 53%

According to YouGov’s polling, the government has already maxed out its support for anti-Covid measures – facemasks and passports – while leaving very little room for further restrictions if, as predicted, a wave of Omicron sweeps the land. For potentially the first time during this pandemic, civil liberties defenders have the overwhelming backing of the public…

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