Brits Will “Of Course” Face New Lockdown If Covid Situation Becomes “Unacceptable”, Government Minister Confirms

We haven’t yet reached lockdown’s “terminus date“, but Government officials are already signalling that restrictions could be reintroduced in weeks if the Covid situation becomes “unacceptable”.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said on Thursday that a “scary” growth in hospitalisations could leave the NHS “in trouble again surprisingly fast“, meaning that in “five, six, seven eight weeks’ time”, the Prime Minister may need to “look again” at reintroducing restrictions.

A Government minister has this morning echoed Whitty’s warning, telling Sky News that: “Of course, if we get into a situation where it’s unacceptable and we do need to put back further restrictions, then that, of course, is something the Government will look at.” The MailOnline has more.

Solicitor General Lucy Frazer suggested it was the right time to open up because of the vaccination drive – which has reached 90% of Britons.

But with cases continuing to soar, hospital admissions tracking above some of SAGE’s worst-case projections, and deaths having hit a four-month high, she warned that Number 10 may be left with no choice but to consider reimposing tough restrictions. …

England’s Chief Medical Officer last night cautioned the U.K. could still “get into trouble again surprisingly fast” and hospitals may face “scary numbers” within a matter of weeks. 

Making it clear the country was not on an irreversible path to freedom despite Number 10 pushing ahead with step four of the ‘roadmap’ to normality on Monday, Professor Chris Whitty said: “We are not by any means out of the woods yet.” …

The Prime Minister [has] sounded a cautious note… and called on people not to “go wild” and immediately rush to take advantage of the final easing – which includes lifting work-at-home orders and reopening nightclubs. …

Saying restrictions should be eased on July 19th, Ms Frazer told Sky News: “I think the Health Secretary has been very clear, as has the Prime Minister, that we will see infections rise. …

“It is really important that we get the balance right between ensuring that we keep this virus under control and we take the necessary clinical measures to do that, but that we also recognise that there are consequences of not opening up and not allowing people to go about their daily lives.”

Worth reading in full.

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