UK Nears 40 Million First and Second Vaccine Doses

A record number of second doses of Covid vaccines were administered in the UK on Saturday, pushing the country close to a total of 40 million doses. BBC News has the story.

More than 400,000 second doses of Covid vaccines have been given in the UK for the fourth consecutive day, according to the latest Government data.

A record total of 475,230 second doses were administered on Saturday – along with 111,109 first doses.

On Friday, 450,136 second doses and 106,878 first doses were received.

There were 1,730 new infections recorded in the past 24 hours and a further seven deaths within 28 days of a positive test. …

The latest figures show that of the 39,587,893 vaccinations administered in the UK so far, 32,121,353 were first doses and 7,466,540 were second doses.

Given the success of the vaccine rollout, as well as the fact that Covid cases have all but vanished in many areas across England, some MPs are questioning why the Government is unlocking so slowly. Polling suggests, however, that, on the whole, Brits believe our exit from lockdown is happening at about the right pace.

While the vaccine rollouts of a number of countries across Europe have been marred by public mistrust of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the vast majority of Brits believe this jab is safe, despite some concerns over its link to blood clots, a new poll suggests.

BBC News’ report on Britain’s vaccine rollout is worth reading in full.

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