Germany Limits Use of AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine for Under-60s

Germany has followed Canada in limiting its rollout of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine for those under the age of 60. Earlier today, Canada suspended its use of the jab for people under 55. Germany has now suspended its rollout of the vaccine for those under the age of 60 due to concerns that it might be linked to rare blood clots. BBC News has the story.

Germany is suspending routine use of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine for people aged below 60 because of a risk of rare blood clots.

The German medicines regulator found 31 cases of a type of rare blood clot among the nearly 2.7 million people who had received the vaccine in Germany.

Canada earlier suspended use of the AstraZeneca jab in people under 55.

AstraZeneca said international regulators had found the benefits of its jab outweighed risks significantly. 

It said it was continuing to analyse its database to understand “whether these very rare cases of blood clots associated with thrombocytopenia occur any more commonly than would be expected naturally in a population of millions of people”.

“We will continue to work with German authorities to address any questions they may have,” it added.

Earlier this month, the European Medicines Agency said the AZ Covid vaccine is “safe and effective” to use, but highlighted that it “cannot rule out definitively” a link to a rare clotting disorder.

Worth reading in full.

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