The UK’s Track and Trace System is Causing Misery

A reader has written to us today to draw attention to two bizarre, nonsensical requests to self-isolate from NHS Track and Trace, one comical, the other tragic.

I’ve just witnessed two consequences of the Government’s celebrated interstellar rock-and-roll track-and-trace system.

The first involved my son who had to fly from another part of the UK to attend a family funeral. A lightning eight days later the track and trace thermonuclear processor cranked into action to tell him he’d come close to someone on the journey and needed to self-isolate – two days before the 10 days were up. If this was 1940 then the Luftwaffe raid on the RAF bases would already have been over and the enemy pilots halfway to Stalingrad.

That was just incompetence. The second is tragic. There’s a family near here whom we know where both children are handicapped. On the first day they returned to school this week it turned out that one of their carers had tested ‘positive’. Fantastic. No matter that both children, both parents AND all their carers were vaccinated several weeks ago, now they are back to another 10-day imprisonment and this time with no support or help for the children who need round-the-clock care. The parents are in total despair, out of their minds with the stress and worry of the last year. This is a classic example of a silent, private catastrophe and it makes me furious when one scientist or Government minister after another is wheeled out to tell us how wonderfully the vaccination programme is going but we must all still be subjected to a litany of precautions which even if they were ever necessary (pretty doubtful), now definitely aren’t.

Perhaps we could have one of those television documentaries where Matt Hancock and Dido Harding have to change places with families like this and see just how much havoc their policies have wreaked?

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