Those Who Break Covid Travel Ban Could Face £5,000 Fine

New Covid rules which come into force on March 29th will make it illegal to go to an airport without a “reasonable” excuse. Rule breakers will face a fine of £5,000. ITV News has the story.

A ban on leaving the country without a reasonable excuse is included in new Covid laws coming into force in England next week until at least early May.

The legislation for restrictions over the coming months was published on Monday, as the Government sets out its roadmap for coming out of lockdown.

From March 29th, leaving the UK is banned unless a person has “a reasonable excuse”. …

The rules will be up for review in 35 days, taking the travel ban through until at least May 3rd.

The ban is in place for all who don’t have a “reasonable excuse” to leave the country.

The document outlines those reasons that would allow for international travel – including work purposes, a course of study, elite sport, or fulfilling a legal obligation overseas.

People buying or selling a property outside of the UK can also leave the country, as well as those providing care, or requiring medical treatment overseas.

Rule breakers face a fine of £5,000.

The prospect of going on holiday outside Britain this year is becoming increasingly precarious – due in part to fears about the increase in Covid cases across Europe.

The move adds further doubt to the hope of holidays abroad for Brits this year.

Care minister Helen Whately told ITV News she would urge Brits to be “cautious” about booking travel overseas this summer.

“I would advise people to wait until the international travel task force has reported back before going ahead and booking international holidays.”

The Government’s global travel taskforce is assessing whether overseas tourism will be able to get ahead this year.

International travel for recreational purposes is set to remain off limits until at least May 17th in line with the PM’s roadmap out of lockdown.

Worth reading in full.

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