Day: 1 June 2020

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Signal your opposition to the lockdown by buying this marvellous Lockdown Sceptics mug Finally, the Lockdown Skeptics shop is here! Yes, click on this link and you will be taken to the all-singing, all-dancing Lockdown Sceptics shop. I've also included a link in the top right-hand corner of every page. No need to wear a mask and no social distancing required! In addition to this splendid mug, we have T-shirts in all different colours, hoodies and tote bags. More merchandise will follow... The central motif – a British bulldog muzzled by a face mask – was designed by my 16 year-old daughter and turned into a proper logo by a professional illustrator. I've promised Sasha 10% of the profits so she can enjoy the summer after a miserable three months being under house arrest at our home in Acton. So please get your shopping trolleys out and go bananas. Help me turn the muzzled bulldog into this summer's must-have brand. YouTube Shadow-Bans Peter Hichens Peter Hitchens tells Triggernometry that this is the only face mask he'll consider wearing YouTube is at it again. Today, the company has been caught red-handed "shadow banning" an interview Peter Hitchens did on the Triggernometry channel entitled "Lockdown is a catastrophe". The interview was published at 6pm yesterday, but if you search for for "triggernometry ...

June 2020
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