Day: 17 June 2020

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BLM protestors throng Parliament Square the weekend before last Black Lives Matter Protests Haven't Caused "Second Spike" In my Spectator column last week, I expressed my gratitude for Black Lives Matters protestors for exposing the hypocrisy of politicians and public health panjandrums who enthusiastically embraced the protests in spite of warning us a few weeks earlier that we had to remain in our homes at all costs to flatten the curve. After this, who would take seriously their prognostications of doom? They clearly didn't believe their own propaganda. This was my conclusion: At bottom, insisting that the little people remain in their homes unless they had a "reasonable excuse" to be outside was an opportunity for holier-than-thou elites to remind us of their role as custodians of our welfare. So, of course, that "scientific" advice has now been trumped by another even bossier, even more self-righteous form of virtue-signalling — namely, anti-racist sermonising. The fact that the two are completely at odds with each other doesn’t bother them in the slightest. Just so long as they can wag their fingers in our faces as they turn puce with rage, they’re happy. Today brings news of another reason to be grateful to the protestors. I'm thinking of the fact that the daily number of Covid infections is continuing to fall. According ...

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