Day: 3 June 2020

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Free Speech Union Asks Ofcom to Withdraw Censorious Coronavirus Guidance or Face Judicial Review Breakfast television presenter and dangerous thought criminal Eamonn Holmes In my capacity as the General Secretary of the Free Speech Union, I wrote to the Chief Executive of Ofcom Dame Melanie Dawes on April 24th to complain about its reprimand of Eamonn Holmes. According to the regulator, the breakfast television presenter had said something that "could have undermined people's trust in the views being expressed by the authorities on the Coronavirus and the advice of mainstream sources of public health information". Holmes’s sin, in Ofcom's eyes, was to say on ITV’s This Morning on April 13th that any theory running counter to the official Government line – such as the one linking 5G masts to COVID-19 – deserved to be discussed in the mainstream media. This was in spite of him saying the 5G conspiracy was “not true and incredibly stupid”. Ofcom said this view – the view that such theories deserved a public hearing, not that they were in any way right or plausible – was “ill-judged and risked undermining viewers’ trust in advice from public authorities and scientific evidence”. In my letter to Dame Melanie, I pointed out that if Ofcom is going to prohibit views being discussed on television that might risk undermining ...

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