Day: 8 June 2020

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Cakes and Ale Back on Sale Sir Toby Belch and the Clown by Keeley Halswelle. But which one's Boris? Boris has earmarked June 22nd as the day when pubs and restaurants across the nation will be allowed to reopen, according to the Mail. This is two weeks ahead of schedule (the original date for the grand reopening was July 4th). The accelerated timetable follows a crunch meeting last Tuesday when the Prime Minister was warned by Business Secretary Alok Sharma that prolonging the shutdown could cost 3.5 million jobs in the hospitality sector. According to Tim Shipman and Arthi Nachiappan in yesterday's Sunday Times, the 3.5 million figure came as a shock to Boris, who is supposed to have said, "Christ!" when told the news. If the Prime Minister was surprised to discover that the lockdown is causing job losses – and will cause many, many more – he hasn't been paying attention. But don't get out the bunting quite yet: those pubs and restaurants that do reopen will only be able to serve customers outside. Not a very appealing prospect, given the current state of the weather. In other news: Britain recorded its lowest daily death toll today since March 22nd, with only 55 new deaths reportedNo new deaths were reported today in Scotland or Northern IrelandBritons should be ...

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