Dr Roger Watson and Dr Niall McCrae

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Fanatical Followers of the Covid Regime: A Jim Jones-Style Cult?

by Professor Roger Watson and Dr. Niall McCrae As scholars at leading British universities over recent decades, we witnessed the replacement of critical thinking and debate by narrative: facts are discrimination and scientific method is imperialism; truth, instead, is derived from ‘progressive’ values. This educational trend may be a major contributory factor to the ease in which society has been inculcated to the Covid ‘new normal’ of masking, testing, and repeated doses of vaccines for a disease of similar risk to severe influenza.   One doesn’t need much critical reasoning to observe the flawed logic of some vaccination enthusiasts, such as people who respond to experiencing any side effects, however debilitating, by saying "at least I know it’s working", or, after contracting the disease despite their promised inoculation (over 90% effective, according to initial drug company claims), "I’d have been worse off without the jab." Perhaps these attitudes have some justifiability. But, especially in light of the fact that none of the purported Covid vaccines is greater than approximately 1% effective at preventing an individual from contracting Covid in terms of absolute risk reduction, it would make more sense to take the opposite view, that the vaccine is not working as well as it should. This week the Manchester Evening News (November 9th 2021) reported the tragic story of Neil Astle,...

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May 2024
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