Just Six Healthy Children Died From Covid in Last 12 Months

New data has emerged that suggests closing schools and imprisoning children in their homes during the pandemic wasn’t necessary as children are at virtually no risk from COVID-19. The Telegraph has more.

Only six healthy children with no underlying health conditions died as a direct result of catching Covid during a 12-month window, NHS analysis has revealed.

Four died from Covid, while two developed a Kawasaki-like inflammatory condition called Pims-TS, caused by the virus.

The data calls into question the wisdom of closing schools and forcing children to spend months at home when the health risk to under-18s is so small.

Experts from NHS England, Public Health England and several universities and hospitals analysed official death figures in England between March last year and this February.

Their findings, published in the journal Nature Medicine on Thursday, showed that more than 3,100 children died during the study period, but only 61 had Covid.

Further examination of death certificates and medical records by independent clinical experts revealed that 25 of the 61 died due to the virus, with the six healthy children a sub-cohort of the 25. The infection played no role in 60% of the recorded Covid deaths.

Worth reading in full.

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