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Could Justin Trudeau Be Prosecuted for Encouraging Genocide Under the Terms of His Own ‘Anti-Genocide’ Online Harms Act?

By Steven Tucker

Have you ever tried to commit genocide? You may well think the answer is ‘no’, but one day you could wake up surprised to find the police knocking on your door and telling you that the answer is actually ‘yes’ – you just hadn’t realised the fact. This, at least, may end up being your fate if you are unlucky enough to live in Canada these days, a country where, so fashionable and du jour has genocide now become, that even the nation’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has recently got in on the act, at least according to this widespread online meme:

So, Genocide Justin is now deliberately engineering the systematic demographic replacement of white people all across Canada, eh? Perhaps this sneaky plot of racial annihilation finally explains why Trudeau has in the past proved so eager to black up in public: it’s the best way of a pasty-faced untermensch like him avoiding being immediately carted off to the forthcoming whites-only death-camps soon due to be built down Ottawa way. Or, then again, perhaps not, as the whole quote would appear to be a total fake, created by person or persons unknown, and then spread online by political opponents from around 2017 onwards, in order to put people off voting for him.

This just shows how easy it is for any old Canadian to make a false accusation about such matters online – look, it’s even happened to the country’s leader, so clearly no-one is safe from falling foul of such malicious slander. A fact which makes it all the more surprising, then, that PM Trudeau himself is currently pushing through a potentially dangerous new law so poorly drafted that it could almost be considered an open inducement for any given malcontent to make false accusations against those they happen to dislike.

Trudeau or False?

As I have detailed on this site previously, Canada’s forthcoming new Online Harms Act, also known as Bill C-63, not only rather ambitiously aims to eliminate free speech online hate from the nation’s cyber-sphere forever, but also aspires to outlaw the alleged instigation of genocide over the internet to boot. However, the Act is not yet quite so totalitarian in scope that it allows for people to be prosecuted for calls for genocide that they never actually made in the first place… or does it? Actually it kind of does: Bill C-63 makes specific provision for people to be placed under house arrest for things they have not yet said, but may be deemed likely by a judge to one day say, at some point in the hypothetical future.

So, just because Trudeau hasn’t actually said the specific made-up words attributed to him in the above fake meme, he can’t necessarily presume he will be wholly safe from being locked away in his bedroom with no supper for the next 10 years by some power-crazed activist judge anyway, on the absurd charges that he might potentially say broadly comparable words of similar basic intent on Instagram in the year 2035.

Any political opponent with a grudge could easily take advantage of another wrong-headed aspect of Trudeau’s Act, that which seeks to define calling for genocide on the internet not simply as typing out an obviously cut-and-dried statement like “Kill all the Jews now, do it with anthrax!!”, but in a much wider sense as seeking to portray any given protected group as being “inherently violent” or “unhuman” – an aspect of the legislation I like to call the ‘Outlawing All Future Criticism of Islam Forever Clause’.

With this specific, incredibly loose, legal (re-)definition of genocide in mind, had Bill C-63 been passed into law several years earlier back in 2019, Mr. Trudeau may already have faced prosecution for encouraging the mass extermination of the white race across Canada. In this year, his Government chose to amend a report on then-pressing countrywide terrorist threats by removing any explicit mention of the term “Sikh extremism” from within its pages (Canada has a specific problem with this issue). Apparently, this was done on the grounds that “entire religions should never be equated with terrorism”. This rubbed Maxime Bernier, the founder of the Right-wing opposition People’s Party of Canada, up the wrong way, as he complained that, when discussing this same now-censored report previously, Trudeau had “been warning us for weeks about the dangers of ‘white supremacy’, [thereby] equating an entire ethnicity with terrorism”.

Back in 2019, all this left Trudeau open to was an accusation of double-standards. Come the end of 2024, by which time his stupid Online Harms Act is expected to be passed fully into law, could it have led to his potential prosecution for inaccurately portraying an entire ethnic group (i.e., his own) as being “inherently violent”? If Mr. Bernier had wished to cause Trudeau a political problem, and gain him some bad headlines, he easily could have made an official complaint about him to the authorities on this matter, then made a very public announcement of the fact to the media: even if the case was found to be wholly without merit, the process is the punishment, as they say, even for Prime Ministers.

Oh, Canada!

According to an opinion survey conducted in mid-2022, around 37% of Canadians (approximately 11 million people) believe that “there is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians [i.e., white ones] with immigrants who agree with their political views”, something often known as the ‘Great Replacement’ and habitually dismissed by mainstream politicians and media as being a conspiracy theory. But is it really? To many people with eyes, the falling percentage of of white people and the rising percentage of non-white people across the West is a simple demographic fact, directly observable with their own eyes every time they so much as walk down their own local high-street, not a ‘conspiracy theory’.

It is certainly possible to construct a false conspiratorial narrative atop of this basic demographic fact, such as ‘The Jews are behind it all’, but, long-term, white people really are being pushed into minority status in their own ethnic homelands. In Canada, according to one 2018 paper by political academics Eric Kaufmann and Matthew Goodwin, this is expected to occur sometime around 2050. But why is such a thing happening at all? A key factor surely has to be the policy of Justin Trudeau and his own current Liberal Party government to import foreign immigrants – a policy which has recently been described by Kaufmann (Canadian-born himself, and multi-ethnic) as a pro-immigration “cult”.

Already, around one in four people who live in Canada came there as an immigrant (albeit not necessarily a non-white one), but for Trudeau & Co. this was nowhere near enough. In 2022, the Liberal Party proudly announced plans to bring in an annual quota of 500,000 immigrants per year, or five million per decade. By as soon as 2032, it is expected mass immigration will effectively account for all of Canada’s population growth. Apparently, the plan has been going better than even Trudeau could have expected; during the last quarter of 2023, Canada’s population grew by 430,000 (and with a below-replacement birth rate, all of this net growth is due to immigration).

The Liberals say they are doing this because Canada, with its relatively small population of around 40 million, and massive, mostly unpopulated, landmass, is facing a demographic crisis, with an aging population and low birth-rate, but others may disagree. Back in 1971, Justin’s father Pierre, also once a Liberal Party PM, adopted an official policy of multiculturalism for Canada. By 2015, Trudeau Jr. was taking this idea to its logical conclusion, giving a controversial interview in which he boasted that, under his leadership, Canada would become the world’s “first post-national state”, one in which the country – if it could even any longer really be called such a thing – would have “no core identity”.

The thing is, many ordinary voters across Canada, primitive little things that they are, still desire to retain some form of shared “core identity”, to the extent that around two thirds of them now think the Liberals’ annual mass immigration target is too high. Even Trudeau has to accept such polling may prove electorally costly and has recently changed tack a little, now saying the rate of mass immigration of temporary migrants is indeed excessive – but just of temporary migrants, please note, not permanent ones.

Given all this, it is not really all that surprising that 37% of Canadians now believe that “there is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants who agree with their political views” – because there quite clearly is. They’re not the wholly mythical Elders of Zion any more, though. Instead, they’re the sadly quite genuine and wholly extant Liberal Party of Canada.

Justin Side the Bounds of the Law?

Trudeau is known for making innumerable public statements online and elsewhere, continually extolling the alleged virtues of multiculturalism and mass immigration. By doing so, could Canada’s PM quite unknowingly be leaving himself open to future Bill C-63 complaints being made against him by certain politically dissatisfied individuals who would consider his remarks to be tantamount to the encouragement of so-called ‘genocide by substitution’ against those “Old Stock White Canadians” he was once supposed to have derided in that old fake meme of his?  

Let’s have a look at Trudeau’s imaginary white genocide-encouraging words once again. Clearly, he never actually said them: not even he is stupid and hubristic enough to mouth such things out loud, and hang the electoral consequences. But given the many only slightly less anti-white, pro-mass immigration, things he has said down the years, could it be plausibly imagined that he might utter such words at some given time in the future – sometime after 2050, say, when whites finally will be in the minority across Canada demographically, and he will long since have ceased to be a Prime Minister in temporary need of their continued votes?

A political opponent like Maxime Bernier – or one of those other 11 million Canadians who apparently believe in the truth of the Great Replacement – could certainly make a complaint to the authorities to this effect and demand it be acted upon. Remember, under Bill C-63’s terms, it only needs to be deemed there are “reasonable grounds” to suspect a person may incite genocide in the future for them to be successfully sentenced.

Given the ideological leanings of the majority of the West’s judiciary these days, I doubt any such prosecution against Trudeau himself would succeed, of course – just look at how Police Scotland conspicuously failed to arrest First Minister Humza Yousaf for his now infamous speech about white people following the introduction of Scotland’s Online Harms Act equivalent recently – but even to suffer such a public accusation would be enough to cause Justin PR problems.

Diagnosis Murder

Plus, when it comes to genocide (real genocide, I mean, not its current absurd Canadian re-definition as “saying mean things about black homosexuals on social media”), we must not forget that one of Justin Trudeau’s other key flagship social policies is the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Act, passed in 2016, which essentially legalised euthanasia across Canada, specifically for those with terminal diseases who wish to have doctors throw them out of a hospital window to be crushed beneath the wheels of a passing ambulance before their pain and suffering grows too great for them to handle.

However, MAiD has since got badly out of hand, and people have now begun being approved for medical murder on the grounds that they are homeless or lonely and thus depressed – depression, of course, also being a potentially terminal medical condition, as it can lead to sufferers committing suicide, thus leading to the Pythonesque situation of patients trying to emotionally blackmail their doctors by turning up to their offices and warning them to “Kill me or I’ll kill myself!” In the latest mad judicial ruling, it has even now been determined that autistic people can be given lethal injections, should they really want to receive them. Facilitating managed deaths for cancer patients in terrible pain is one thing, but bumping off the mentally vulnerable on demand does sound rather like a potential programme of mass medical killing in the making to me.   

Therefore, unlike, say, some random nutter typing “Sterilise the Japanese!!” to his five bored followers on Instagram, Justin Trudeau’s MAiD Act, and the rhetoric he has used to encourage and promote it, online and elsewhere, has had some genuine substantial real-world consequences, in terms of actual human deaths. As recently as 2015, legally administered fatalities from euthanasia in Canada were zero, as the practice was obviously against the law. By 2021, they had risen to 10,064 in number, amounting to 3.3% of all deaths in the country. As the nation’s leader, you could make a plausible enough argument Trudeau was directly responsible for all those killings himself. So, by some disapproving assessments, he is an actual genocidal mass murderer, isn’t he, not just an aspirant online keyboard warrior one?    

Plus, although I have not seen any figures to this actual effect, you would have to presume the vast majority of medical killings in Canada will have been performed upon older people, as these tend to be the patients who most often end up getting terminal diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Demographically speaking, of course, the older a person in Canada is, the more likely they are to be white. By facilitating their accelerated mass death in this way, might some paranoid commentators view this as being just yet another cunning means of Trudeau speeding up the Great Replacement by fair means or foul? Again, whether such an overblown accusation be true or not, even making it in the first place would be an easy, sure-fire means of a political rival getting some free publicity for themselves and turning certain voters against their opponent.

I’m not ordinarily in favour of spurious false accusations being made against people, whether they be in the public eye or otherwise – but when it comes to Justin Trudeau, I may make an exception. Perhaps if enough people file anti-white hate-speech complaints against him once Bill C-63 has gone through, he might even feel forced into committing an ironic act of political self-euthanasia?

Steven Tucker is a journalist and the author of over 10 books, the latest being Hitler’s & Stalin’s Misuse of Science: When Science Fiction Was Turned Into Science Fact by the Nazis and the Soviets (Pen & Sword/Frontline), which is out now.

Shock Findings: Plastic Shopping Bags Cause Around Four Times Less ‘Carbon’ Emissions than Paper Substitutes

By Chris Morrison

If green activists truly worried about atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide, they would bring back plastic shopping bags tomorrow. But they wouldn’t – the whipped up plastic scare has been too useful a tool to batter people into accepting the relentless drive to embrace inferior products and technologies. The acceptance of reduced lifestyle choices, and the unlimited chance for middle class activists to virtue signal, is part of the all-important collectivisation under the planned Net Zero project. But now a recent science paper has revealed that in 15 out of 16 applications of plastic covering 90% of global volume, the alternatives actually produced more greenhouse gases. 

And not just more, but significantly more. Over their lifetime cycle, paper bag substitutes produce at least four times more GHG emissions than their plastic counterparts. Paper bags are noted to weigh significantly more than plastic carriers leading to higher GHG emissions for production and transportation.

Talk about an inconvenient conclusion. The scientists found that in the 15 applications covering the five key sectors of packaging, building and construction, automobiles, textiles and consumer durable, plastic products released 10% to 90% fewer emissions across the product life cycle. “Furthermore,” the scientists observe, “in some applications, such as food packaging, no suitable alternatives to plastics exist.”

If carbon dioxide is your thing, and, of course, it is the crucial part of the reason for pursuing insane Net Zero policies, plastic needs to make a big comeback. But of course it will not. Despite revolutionising modern industrial life, it has the misfortune to be a hydrocarbon. Most plastics are a by-product from natural oil and gas production. Thus plastic bad, anything else good. The same blinkered thinking justifies the mass slaughter of any flying animal that is caught up in wind turbines, and the industrialisation of the seas at the expense of aquatic life such as whales and dolphins. In Germany, the hypocritical greens have even been in favour of tearing down parts of the forest setting for the mythical Brothers Grimm fairy tales. And we must not get started on road and bridge chomping EV cars. These are a true ecological disaster zone with a manufacturing requirement to turn over vast tracts of the Earth’s crust, and a small problem of insufficient children available to mine all the required cobalt in the Congo.

Of course, much play is made of the harmful disposal of plastic, but this is largely a waste management problem. There are plenty of ways to prudently recycle or dispose of plastic safely, but they come with some financial cost. If rich countries don’t want their plastic to end up in the oceans, they shouldn’t send it to poor countries who, out of sight, dump it in local rivers on their behalf. The scientists note that better disposal of plastics is an urgent challenge given the “threats to biodiversity and ecosystem health worldwide”.

The key table in the paper is reproduced below. It shows that the GHG emission impact in switching from plastic shopping bags to paper, the next best alternative, is 80% higher. The other 15 switches are also detailed with a note of the mostly much higher GHG impacts. The detailed methods used to calculate the plastic versus non-plastic alternatives are laid out in the paper, which is written by three scientists with expertise in sustainability and chemical and biological engineering from Sheffield and Cambridge Universities.

In arriving at their results, the authors considered many indirect impacts such as fuel saving in lighter cars, lower energy consumption in houses insulated with polyurethane and reduced food spoilage when using plastic packaging instead of butcher paper. Many advantages for the use of plastics were identified. Insulating with polyurethane is better than the alternatives and therefore reduces heating fuel consumption, while plastic tanks cut vehicle weight and thus are more fuel efficient. Meanwhile it is said that there are few alternatives to plastics in food production due to high levels of spoilage when using the alternatives. It might be noted that milkshakes and paper straws give an obvious illustration of the problems in using inferior substitutes.

It is reasonable to ask where all the virtuous green solutions to a politically-claimed ‘climate emergency’ will take us. Almost everything that is being forced through, whether it be demonising plastic to blanketing the land and seas with giant wind turbines, makes little sense. They often cause more ecological harm than good, while the fudged finances backing many of the projects might shame Charles Ponzi. It is becoming obvious that modern industrial society will collapse if the Net Zero tyranny is ever enforced.

Extremist greens from George Monbiot to Sir David Attenborough seem only too aware of the many inconsistencies in making changes to any human activity that has an ‘impact’ on the planet. Best, it seems, to have no impact at all, perhaps not be on the planet in the first place. At the moment their views seem to be shared by many influential elites pressing ahead with any number of decadent plans to drive those less well-off than themselves into abject poverty and depravation.

In 1999, Monbiot said flying across the Atlantic, “is now as unacceptable as child abuse”. The rhetoric has hardly diminished over 25 years with Monbiot recently ramping up his doomsday prose to call for an end to animal farming. Eating meat, eggs and milk is an “indulgence” the planet cannot afford, he claimed. How this Guardianista weirdo expects humans to survive on what is often a hostile planet is anyone’s guess. 

Perhaps there ought to be fewer people on the planet for a start. This seems to be the opinion of the supreme middle class embodiment of green virtue, Sir David Attenborough. Supporting the neo-Malthusian Optimum Population Trust, he said in 2009 that he hadn’t seen a problem that “wouldn’t be easier to solve with fewer people”. In 2013, he was reported to have observed that sending food to famine-ridden countries is “barmy”. Using the example of Ethiopia, he said the famine there was caused by “too many people for too little piece of land”. 

Chris Morrison is the Daily Sceptic’s Environment Editor.

Hate Crime Laws Send Humza Yousaf’s Popularity Plunging

By Richard Eldred

Scotland’s Humza Yousaf faces plummeting popularity and mounting criticism over his ill-received hate crime laws, casting shade over the SNP’s electoral prospects and his own political future. The Telegraph has more.

Even among SNP voters, more people believe the First Minister is doing a bad job of running Scotland than those who think he is doing a good job, the survey by polling company Norstat showed.

It is the first such survey carried out since the introduction of the laws that Mr. Yousaf steered through Holyrood as Justice Secretary and which came into force earlier this month.

The controversial legislation is widely seen to have been botched by the SNP Government, with an appeal to the public to report all instances of “hate” leading to more than 7,000 reports in the first week.

Fewer than 4% of the reports were assessed as actual crimes.

The findings showed that among all Scots, Mr. Yousaf now has an approval rating of minus 32, putting him just three points ahead of Rishi Sunak. It amounts to a 15-point drop for Mr. Yousaf since the previous survey carried out in January.

Even among those who voted SNP at the last General Election, just 29% believe Mr. Yousaf is doing a good job, compared with 36% who think he has been poor in office.

This resulted in a score of minus seven among SNP voters, down from plus 14 in January. …

Polls suggest Labour has overtaken the SNP in Scotland in voting intentions for the General Election.

A recent seat-by-seat poll by YouGov predicted that Labour was on course to win 28 Scottish seats, compared with one in 2019, while the SNP’s tally would fall from 48 to 19.

Such a disastrous result, should it be replicated in the General Election, would inevitably lead to calls for Mr. Yousaf to stand down.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: The potential is growing for another spectacular collapse north of the border, writes Tom Harris in the Telegraph.

Iran Launches Massive Drone and Missile Strike Against Israel

By Richard Eldred

Following a drone strike in Syria that killed Iranian officials, Iran has retaliated by launching a large-scale attack on Israel, raising concern worldwide about the possibility of a wider conflict in the region. The Mail has more.

Hamas has gloated about last night’s devastating attack on Israel by Iran which led to a seven year-old girl being seriously injured – calling it a “deserved response”.

It comes after Israel said it “foiled” Iran’s unprecedented attack on its country and revealed 120 ballistic missiles along with 200 drones were used.

Last night, innocent civilians were forced to flee to bomb shelters across the nation.

Iran sent the salvo of missiles in response to a drone strike at the beginning of April in Syria that killed 12 Iranians, including two top generals.

This morning, Hamas said in a statement: “We in Hamas regard the military operation conducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran a natural right and a deserved response on the crime of targeting the Iranian consulate in Damascus and the assassination of several leaders of the Revolutionary Guards,” the Times of Israel reports.

The Israeli military today said that Iran’s unprecedented overnight attack on Israel has been “foiled” with hundreds of missiles and drones intercepted with the help of the United States and allies.

Reports in Israel suggested RAF and U.S. warplanes had shot down some Israel-bound Iranian drones over the Iraq-Syria border area amid the attack. But Victoria Atkins has said she is “not in a position to confirm or deny” whether British jets have already shot down Iranian drones.

The attack, which began late yesterday, marks a major escalation of the long-running covert war between the regional foes, and comes against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A seven year-old girl from a Bedouin town near Arad was injured by falling shrapnel at around 2am and is in serious condition “fighting for her life” at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, the Times of Israel reported.

The medical centre confirmed she is now in the hospital’s paediatric intensive care unit receiving treatment for a major head wound.

Iran today warned Israel of a larger attack if it retaliates against the overnight drone and missile assault – adding that it has warned the U.S. not to back Israeli military action. It said any “reckless” Israeli move will prompt “stronger response”.

Speaking to Sky News, spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said the IDF is “poised and prepared” and will decide whether it will retaliate in a meeting later today. He said it is “extremely tense” and its aerial defences remain on “high alert”.

Iran“s proxies and allies also carried out coordinated attacks on Israeli positions as sirens sounded in many places and with blasts heard in the skies above Jerusalem early Sunday.

Iran had repeatedly threatened to retaliate against Israel for a deadly April 1st air strike on its Damascus consular building, and Washington had warned in recent days that the reprisals were imminent.

Late yesterday, the Israeli army said Iran had launched a “massive swarm of over 200 killer drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles”.

The army said it had scrambled dozens of fighter jets to intercept “all aerial threats”, and was working with the U.S. and other allies to stop the launches.

People in Jerusalem sought cover, while some residents stockpiled water. …

Earlier today, the Israeli army said that 99% of the launches had been intercepted.

None of the drones and cruise missiles that were launched towards Israel had entered its territory, Hagari said, and “only a few” ballistic missiles reached Israel. 

“The Iranian attack was foiled,” military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a televised statement.

U.S. President Joe Biden reiterated Washington’s “ironclad” support for Israel after an urgent meeting with his top security officials on the spiralling crisis. 

Leaders from the G7 will hold a video conference later today to discuss the Iranian strikes on Israel, according to Italy – which holds the rotating presidency of the group of developed nations.

“The Italian presidency of the G7 has summoned G7 leaders for a video conference early this afternoon”, the Government said. The G7 groups the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Canada. …

The Iranian army has said its attack “achieved all its objectives”. 

Mohammad Bagheri, the Iranian armed forces’ Chief of sSaff, told state TV: “Operation Honest Promise was completed successfully from last night to this morning and achieved all its objectives.”

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: It’s hard to imagine Iran’s much-anticipated attack on Israel going any worse for the Islamic Republic, says Lazar Berman in the Times of Israel.

Former Head of Trans Lobby Group Plans Helpline for Kids to Get Gender Drugs Outside NHS

By Richard Eldred

The former head of Mermaids, a controversial transgender support group, is launching a new helpline, which critics say will provide guidance to children seeking gender medication outside the NHS. The Mail has the story.

Susie Green said she is creating a service “that can be honest” about the “utter s**t show” of current NHS gender services and discuss private healthcare options with young people of all ages.

Ms. Green wrote on social media that the helpline is needed because the new NHS approach to gender treatment, which favours therapy rather than medical interventions, is harming children.

But last night critics claimed she intends to use the helpline to direct young people to non-NHS services where they can access hormones and puberty-halting medication. …

Ms. Green’s plans have emerged as Dr. Hilary Cass published a major review last week of NHS children’s gender services, warning that gender medicine for young people was based on “remarkably weak evidence”. …

Ms. Green has shown her displeasure with the Cass recommendations – which include replacing the Tavistock with regional hubs – by reposting a series of tweets criticising the findings.

Ms. Green was head of Mermaids when it was found to be sending out ‘breast binders’ – restrictive garments with potential health risks – to teenage girls without their parents’ knowledge. She also previously advocated for the age at which children can receive powerful sex-change hormones to be lowered to under 16.

Worth reading in full.

Free Speech Victory As Councils Shelve ’Busybody Charters’

By Richard Eldred

Free speech campaigners are claiming success in their battle against what they call ‘busybody charters’, as councils are starting to withdraw Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) following legal challenges. The Telegraph has the story.

Local authorities across the country have used Public Spaces Protection Orders to impose increasing numbers of fines of up to £1,000 for a range of activities, including loitering, swearing or even walking a dog in the wrong place.

One council is even proposing to bring in a new PSPO-linked code which could see “discourteous” street performers banned from the borough.

Breaching the terms of a PSPO is a criminal offence and can result in a fixed penalty notice. Failure to pay the fine within 28 days could lead to being hauled in front of a court to face either a prison sentence or a larger fine.

The Free Speech Union (FSU) has analysed the PSPOs of 15 local authorities around the country, and says it has found numerous examples of overreach. In some cases, they have written to councils to threaten judicial review.

Bryn Harris, the FSU’s Chief Legal Counsel, said the use of PSPOs – known to their critics as “busybody charters” – has become “out of control”. …

PSPOs were set up under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act in 2014.  They were aimed at helping councils crack down on issues like prostitution or drinking alcohol in specific areas.

But some of the PSPOs analysed by the FSU have been extended to cover an entire borough. In London, both Haringey and Waltham Forest councils outlaw behaviour likely to cause “harassment, alarm or distress” across their entire boroughs.

“Why is that a problem?” Mr. Harris asked. “Let’s say you want to protest on the streets and talk about someone dying and unbeknownst to you, this causes someone distress. 

“That makes you liable, even if you didn’t intend it and couldn’t have foreseen [it]. That is why safeguards are absolutely necessary to preserve freedom of expression.”

Worth reading in full.

Majority of Children Unhappy With Gender Grow Out of It, Study Shows

By Richard Eldred

A recent study has found that the majority of children who felt unhappy with their birth sex at age 11 had outgrown these feelings by the time they reached 25. The Mail has the details.

Scientists from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands followed the lives of 2,772 young people, assessing them at the ages of 11, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25. 

At the age of 11, the start of the study, 11% of participants were unhappy with their birth sex. 

This number dropped at each assessment until, by the age of 25, it was just 4%.

The findings, published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour journal, raise serious questions about the approach advocated by trans activists to simply ‘affirm’ children who identify as the opposite sex and allow them to take puberty-blocking drugs.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: In the Sun, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan lauds Dr. Cass’s recent report and contrasts Labour’s stance with the Conservative Party’s caution on child safety.

News Round-Up

By Richard Eldred

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