Wales Rolls Out Vaccine Passports After Botched Vote

The Welsh Government has introduced a Covid status certification scheme for nightclubs and large indoor and outdoor events in spite of only securing approval for it in the Senedd by one vote after a Conservative MS was unable to connect via Zoom. Had the vote been tied, the scheme would not have been introduced. Unfortunately, the report on BBC News about the Welsh Covid Pass neglects to mention this fact and – even more bizarrely – fails to point out that being double jabbed only marginally reduces your chances of becoming infected or infecting others. On the contrary, it quotes people saying how relieved they are that they’ll now be ‘safe’ from infection at football stadiums and the like.

Lidi Staffurth is one of thousands of people who have been shielding during the pandemic due to a condition which makes them extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.

She said Covid passes would help reassure people who might feel uncertain about attending large events, adding she felt she had her “freedom back”.

Ms Staffurth labelled it a “brilliant idea”, not least because there are three young people in her family.

“If they’re in large groups then we’ll know they’re around people who are double vaccinated, or at least free from Covid,” she said.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea and for a society at large it means people are looking after each other.

“I think some young people just don’t care – they’ve had it with Covid, and I think we’ve all had it with Covid – but they live in their own little bubble and they don’t really see beyond that bubble a lot.

“And that’s fair enough, but it means with a Covid pass they’re made to consider that.”

The rugby game between Wales and New Zealand at the Principality Stadium on October 30th will be one of the first sporting events where attendees are required to produce a Covid Pass before being admitted.

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