More Than 75% Of All U.K. Adults Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

Another milestone has been reached in the U.K.’s Covid vaccine roll-out, with more than three-quarters of all adults having had two ‘jabs’. This comes less than a month before the offering of ‘booster shots’ to millions of Brits, which will likely change the definition of the term ‘fully vaccinated’. BBC News has the story.

A total of 39,688,566 people have now received both doses, while another seven million have only had a single dose, according to the latest figures.

Boris Johnson described the milestone in the vaccine roll-out as a “huge national achievement”. …

At the peak of the roll-out more than 752,000 jabs were given in a day on March 20th, although the rate has since slowed.

The U.K. reached the milestone of getting 50% of adults double jabbed on June 3rd and 25% of adults had received both doses by April 27th.

A further 32,250 first doses and 17,028 second doses were given across the U.K. on Monday.

The latest data also shows there were 23,510 new cases of Covid as well as a further 146 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid test.

Worth reading in full.

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