Hairdresser and Plumbers Working in Care Homes Also Face Mandatory Vaccination

The Government has confirmed that people who visit care homes for occasional work – including plumbers, hairdressers and inspectors – also face mandatory Covid vaccination alongside regular staff. The Sun has the story.

Downing Street said that everyone working in a home will have to be double jabbed under new laws set to kick in in October this year.

The new law applies to everyone working at a care home – including plumbers, healthcare workers, beauticians, hairdressers and inspectors.

Ministers are consulting on plans to also make the jab mandatory for NHS staff as well.

While Number 10 is also considering making the flu vaccine compulsory for health and social care staff.

Boris Johnson is backing hugely controversial plans to make it illegal for care home workers to refuse the jab amid growing alarm that so many are refusing.

The scope of forced vaccination is likely to be extended soon, according to the website.

The responses to the consultation [on the mandatory vaccination of care home staff] made a case for extending this policy beyond care homes to other settings where people vulnerable to Covid receive care, such as domiciliary care and wider healthcare settings.

Based on this evidence, the Government will launch a further public consultation in due course on whether or not to make Covid and flu vaccination a condition of deployment in health and care settings. This is a complex issue and the Government is looking for a wide range of perspectives from across the health and care sector about whether this should be introduced and how it could be implemented.

The Sun report is worth reading in full.

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