Lockdown Restrictions to Come to an End In Israel from June – But They Could Return Further Down the Road

The success of Israel’s Covid vaccine rollout means that the country’s lockdown restrictions – vaccine passports included – will be revoked from the beginning of June. But Health Minister Yuli Edelstein says restrictions could return if Covid cases surge again. The sudden U-turn on vaccine passports suggests that, as could be the case in Britain, certification was introduced at venues merely to ‘nudge’ younger people into taking the vaccine. Reuters has the story.

With the majority of the population having received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and about 92% of those 50 and older inoculated or recovered, Israel has been gradually reopening its economy after three lockdowns.

The country reported just 12 new virus cases on Saturday, down from a daily peak of more than 10,000 in January.

Curbs on higher-risk activities and limits on how many people can gather in a specific area remain, with a Government-issued “Green Pass” that indicates immunity post-vaccination or recovery from Covid allowing greater freedom.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Sunday that he will not be extending the arrangement, meaning the restrictions and the Green Pass system will be revoked from the start of June.

“The economy and the citizens of Israel will get extra room to breathe,” he said, but also warned that they could be reimposed should the situation take a turn.

Rules on mask-wearing inside and incoming travel will also be reviewed by the Health Ministry in the coming months.

Worth reading in full.

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