“Freedoms” Being Restored in Germany – but Only for Those Who Have Been Vaccinated Against Covid

Germans will soon be able to reclaim some of their freedoms – but only if they agree to be vaccinated against Covid. Under plans similar to those that have been rolled out in Hong Kong, people who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid will be permitted to engage in certain activities – such as visiting zoos and using the services of hairdressers – without prior testing. Rules on mask-wearing and “social” distancing will, however, remain in place for all. The Local, a German newspaper, has the story.

Several German states have already started easing restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, as well as for people who have recovered from Covid.

But now the German Government is planning to push through new regulations to allow for freedoms for these groups of people – that would apply uniformly across the country…

Under the plans, the fully vaccinated, and people who’ve recovered from Covid, would be able to “enter shops, visit zoos and botanical gardens or use the services of hairdressers and podiatrists without prior testing”. 

They also wouldn’t have to stick to curfew rules. Mask and distance requirements would continue to apply to everyone. 

It comes after Health Minister Jens Spahn said last week the Government aimed to bring in the uniform regulations by the end of May. Several states pushed back, bringing in vaccination rights immediately. This move has clearly put pressure on the Government to act faster. 

Saarland’s State Premier Tobias Hans said he was pleased to see that “federal plans are now on the table” and wanted to see the nationwide law pushed through his week.

“The extensive restrictions on fundamental rights must not become permanent,” the CDU politician told the newspapers in the Funke media group on Monday.

Over a quarter of the German population has received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine and 7.7% is now fully vaccinated against the virus. Some of those who have been critical of the Government’s anti-Covid measures are being monitored by the country’s domestic spy agency for suspected sedition.

The Local’s report is worth reading in full.

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