Almost 70% Of English Adults Have Covid Antibodies

New data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that across the U.K. more than half of adults are likely to have Covid antibodies. The figure is highest in England, where 68.3% are likely to have antibodies based on the ONS’s testing, which suggests that almost 70% of the population has had the infection or been vaccinated. Sky News has the story.

Almost 70% of the adult population in England now have Covid antibodies, the latest figures suggest.

An estimated seven in 10 adults (68.3%) in private households were likely to have tested positive for coronavirus antibodies in the week to April 11th, according to the ONS.

The latest estimate is up from one in two, or 53.1%, two weeks earlier.

The presence of Covid antibodies suggests someone has had the infection or has been vaccinated – and the inoculation rollout has now reached more than 33 million people across the U.K..

In Wales, some six in 10 adults (61%) in private households tested positive for antibodies in the week to April 11th, according to the same new figures.

This is also up from around one in two adults, or 48.2%, two weeks before.

The ONS said that the rise in antibody levels in older age groups is likely a reflection of the fact that over 12 million people (largely in this group) have had a second dose of a Covid vaccine.

The Mail also highlighted that the number of adults with Covid antibodies now is likely higher than the ONS is currently reporting.

Antibody levels are likely to be even higher now because millions more have been jabbed since the blood tests were conducted more than a fortnight ago, and it takes about two weeks for immunity to kick in… 

Official data [also] shows nearly 40 million people in England live in practically “Covid-free” areas, where two or fewer cases were recorded during the latest week. 

The Sky News report is worth reading in full.

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