‘First Do No Harm’ Means Not Giving the Covid Vaccine to Young People

Today we’re publishing an original piece by Dr Alan Mordue, a retired consultant in public health medicine, about the risk to young people of being vaccinated against Covid. His conclusion is that only those aged 50 and over, or those with underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19, should be vaccinated. For the rest, the risk/benefit ratio means they shouldn’t get immunised. Here is an extract:

The AZ vaccine, like all COVID-19 vaccines, is still in the midst of a Phase 3 trial and this will not report on any long-term side effects until early 2023. If we apply the precautionary principle we would want some additional room to accommodate any adverse effects that emerge, so a 15-20 fold difference between benefit and risks would be reasonable. This begins to point towards 50 years as the cut off; below that the potential benefits may not be justified by the potential risks.

How about switching to another vaccine for the younger age groups? A “course correction” as Prof. Van-Tam called it? Unfortunately, we do not know about long-term side effects of the other vaccines either. For the newer ones there may also be rare side effects yet to emerge, like the blood clots for the AZ vaccine, and for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine there are concerns about higher rates of infection and deaths in the weeks immediately after vaccination.

Worth reading in full.

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