Companies Could Enforce ‘No Jab, No Job’ Under Government’s Vaccine Passport Plans

Vaccine passports could be used by companies to ban people who have not been vaccinated from working for them, according to Government sources. Ministers are reportedly “resigned” to the fact that some bosses will enforce a ‘No Jab, No Job’ rule. This news comes alongside reports of the Government attempting to stem the growing concern among MPs about vaccine passports by adding a “sunset clause” to plans which would impose a time limit on the scheme. The Times has the story.

Vaccination passports could be imposed on the public for less than a year, according to plans being drawn up by Downing Street to head off a Tory revolt.

Boris Johnson will give the green light on Monday to the development of a system of “vaccine certification” as he looks to reinvigorate the economy. …

A senior Government source has… said that ministers were “resigned” to the fact that companies will be able to bar people who have not been vaccinated from working for them under plans for vaccine passports. The source said they would not legally be able to stop companies from demanding them as a condition of employment.

A number of UK companies have already made it clear that people will not be able to work for them unless they have been vaccinated against Covid – Pimlico Plumbers being one of the most widely reported examples. A recent survey – cited in the Times – found that over 50% of managers favour refusing work for those who have not been vaccinated.

The Chartered Institute of Management conducted a survey recently that found that more than half of managers wanted to make coronavirus vaccinations mandatory for staff returning to work. Unions oppose the approach.

Although ministers have been clear that they will not make certificates mandatory for offices, there are no plans to forbid bosses from establishing their own schemes.

Worth reading in full.

Fraser Nelson in the Spectator says the decision on domestic vaccine passports has already been made by Boris Johnson: they will be introduced.

In theory, the Government is taking soundings. In practice, those involved in Michael Gove’s review have been told that the decision has already been made by the PM: so they’re happening. (Technology makes it quite doable, with face-scanning the latest option.)

Also worth reading in full.

Stop Press: An executive order has been issued by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banning the use of vaccine passports.

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