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Dr Mark Shaw, a retired dentist who’s contributed before to Lockdown Sceptics, has written a guest post about his decision not to have the jab.

At University it was drummed into our heads not to make assumptions. Base clinical decisions on rigorously tested clinical evidence that had endured analysis, audit and surveillance over a sufficiently long duration.

Do you get frustrated when you so often hear assumptions being made that are presented as facts? The Government and MSM frequently refer to the number of Covid cases and deaths plummeting as a result of lockdowns and vaccination – not because this might, much more plausibly, be due to the natural falling from a peak or wave that respiratory viral infections always follow. Do you get frustrated when you hear that the current health, education, justice, social and economic issues (and just about every other dilemma under the sun) are being blamed on the Coronavirus but not on the Government response to it?

Policy makers are guilty, not just of this spin and deceit, but also of carrying out a fatal gambler’s mistake. The punter places a bet which fails, so he optimistically places another to try to at least recoup the value of the last stake. A sensible gambler might stop, pause and re-evaluate the situation and ensure that he or she can afford to pursue a certain strategy financially and healthily. An irresponsible person carries on regardless. The Government’s whole response to the Coronavirus situation smacks of this behaviour: “We’ve gone this far, we must continue to look credible despite the errors and dire consequences – so let’s carry on, keep deceiving and frightening the public until our credibility is restored by eliminating the virus.” The vaccine was the ace in the Government’s pack because a tired public (even ardent lockdown sceptics) were ready to accept anything just to get out of this horrendous mess. I have already mentioned just how unethical this project is in one of my previous articles.

When someone first asked me if I was going have the jab, I explained that I would weigh up the pros and cons, re-evaluate my attitude to risk and conclude that I’d rather take the risk of dying a natural (covid, flu, any other respiratory virus etc) death. I also had a very strong feeling that if, as a result of allowing myself to be injected with rushed out single or multiple vaccinations I subsequently suffered (months or years down the line) from some ailment linked to that, I would find it very difficult to live with the decision I had originally made. This, for me, would be the case no matter how small the risk or how small the ailment. That is just my attitude – nature can take me how it likes but politicians and their machinery won’t be able to influence my departure from this world, no matter how good (or otherwise) their intentions. I believe that is my right. I believe that it is also my human right to be exposed to as many natural pathogens as possible to build up my natural immunity while fit and healthy by having nothing to do with extreme hygiene measures. I’m not sure many people feel the same way. They may be much more risk averse than me – but is their assessment of risk heavily influenced by the current bias of the Government and MSM that advises and then forces us to act in a way for which there is so little evidence. Much of their advice has been based on flawed modelling and general assumptions. Good science has been abused (manipulated and dislocated) to fit a “we were right all along” narrative.

Another pressure to follow the herd is from the proselytizing that one must socially distance, wear a mask and be vaccinated purely for the benefit of your fellow mankind – and to even question this is considered completely irresponsible. It reminds me of when I was working as a dentist back in the 90s. The local Health Board had been ringing around all the dentists to see if any of them would be prepared to visit a terminally ill AIDs patient in hospital to carry out some palliative dental care. I was happy to oblige but I was surprised that the lady who had been ringing everyone was so grateful and said she had almost given up trying to find a dentist prepared to do this. I was even more surprised at the enormous gratitude expressed by the patient and his partner for my carrying out what seemed such a simple act. No NHS dentist was going to be richly rewarded for doing this but I look back and consider those treatment visits over just a few weeks to be one of the most spiritually rewarding of my career. These patients were regarded by some as lepers. It was so unjust and it has taken decades for attitudes to change with regards to those people living today who are infected with HIV. Of course there is no vaccine for HIV but I fear that there may be parallels beginning to develop now with how some of the public will judge, not the Covid infected, but the unvaccinated. There might be a discriminatory attitude that prevails against them for being unable to have a jab or for simply taking the attitude “let nature take its course, what will be will be”.

Those were the days when I could listen to my mother sing (terribly but beautifully!): “Que sera, sera whatever will be, will be the future’s not ours to see, que sera, sera.”

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