Manchester Students Pass Vote of No Confidence in Vice-Chancellor Who Built Fences Around Halls

Students at the University of Manchester have passed a vote of no confidence in its Vice-Chancellor amid criticism of the institution’s handling of Covid. The Mail has the story.

Dame Nancy Rothwell is facing opposition over the university’s handling of Covid during the academic year – which included the erection of six-foot-high security fences around students’ halls of residence. 

Some 89% of the students who took part in a referendum said they agreed that the student body had “no confidence” in the Vice-Chancellor, who earns £260,399 per year, and her senior management team.

The vote is non-binding but it will now have to be considered by the University’s Board of Governors.

Students tore down the fencing built to keep them confined in their halls of residence last November. A month before this, a student was found dead at his halls. The university said the death was neither Covid nor lockdown related, but the student’s father begged to differ.

Worth reading in full.

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