Unvaccinated Australians Fired for Opposing Vaccine Mandates Take to Social Media to Find Work

Scores of unvaccinated Australians have taken to social media to find work after losing their previous employment after vaccine mandates came into force. Different states and territories across the nation have implemented a wide variety of mandatory vaccination measures, covering numerous industries and professions, with Facebook and Telegram recording an increase in those searching for jobs after these policies were introduced. The Guardian has the story.

On some job boards, businesses that are happy to accept unvaccinated people advertise that they are ‘welcoming of everyone’.

Beauty therapists, childcare workers, disability support workers and accountants are among 20,000 people who are members of the largest Facebook group for unvaccinated jobseekers in Australia.

Ash Heap is an electrician from Geelong who refuses to get vaccinated. “I’m left in a position where I’ve lost my career of 20 years”, he said.

“I don’t really have a lot of options. I was given a small business grant which will see me through for another month but there’s no income”.

He owns a house with his partner, who also looks set to lose her job. The pair are hoping the mandate will be dropped.

“We’ll probably have to rent the house and find work anywhere, doing cash jobs, doing whatever”.

Each state and territory has implemented its own rules on mandates.

Victoria has one of the most wide-ranging vaccine mandates, which came into effect last month and covers about 1.25 million people.

Last week Western Australia announced it would roll out a mandate across multiple industries, including teachers and supermarket staff, representing 75% of the state’s workforce.

New South Wales has a mandate in place for some sectors but from December 1st is set to allow the same freedoms for unvaccinated citizens, bar international travel. The mandate for high-risk workers will remain in place.

Julian Melvin has been sifting through jobs ads since he lost his work as an arborist because he won’t get the vaccine. He says mainly odd jobs are on offer.

“A lot of them it’s like ‘I need my lawns mowed’… cash work here and there”, he said. “There are some businesses saying we’ll employ you but how many people are unemployed versus how many people need work?”

Worth reading in full.

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