Even if We Set Liberty and Social Responsibility Aside, Vaccine Passports Are Still a Bad Idea, a Doctor Writes

There is a good letter in the Telegraph today written by a doctor who highlights that vaccine passports are pointless because people who are ‘jabbed’ can still spread the virus.

Sir – Discussions about vaccination passports have centred on personal freedom and social responsibility, yet no one appears to have conceded that the vaccination will do little to stop the spread of coronavirus.

I am a doctor and have been double jabbed. I expect the vaccination to mitigate the virus if I get it, but not to stop me from getting it or from passing it on. The Delta variant will still be transmitted within both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Vaccination will not stop the spread of the disease. It will, however, provide individual protection. Passports would be relevant only if the vaccination stopped the spread of coronavirus. It doesn’t.

Dr Steven R. Hopkins
Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Yet the Government still seems set to go ahead with its plans to bar the unvaccinated from nightclubs and other ‘large venues’ (the meaning of which is likely to continue expanding).

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