Number of U.S. Job Openings Only Willing to Take On ‘Jabbed’ Americans Almost Doubles in a Month

While the number of U.S. employees only willing to take on new staff who are vaccinated against Covid remains low, the ‘no jab, no job’ trend appears to be increasing at a worryingly high pace. A new study has found that the number of job postings requiring applicants to have been ‘jabbed’ has almost doubled in the last month. MailOnline has the story.

The number of job postings requiring vaccinations were up 90% by August 7th from the month prior, nearly doubling from the number of postings in July, according to the report by AnnElizabeth Konkel – an economist with the job board Indeed.

Konkel noted in the report that vaccination requirements in job postings increased in many sectors that had not previously mandated vaccines. Some simply required “vaccination” and others “explicitly” required inoculation against Covid.

“The share of job postings per million that require being vaccinated against Covid explicitly is up 34% compared to one month prior,” the report reads. 

In comments made to CNBC, Konkel noted that even listings that don’t specifically outline vaccines for Covid it remained clear: “They don’t mean the polio vaccine.”

The report specifically highlighted the software development sector, which only had 3.5 job postings per million that stated vaccination was required in February.

The number of software development job postings per million requiring vaccination had jumped to 437.9 by July, an increase of more than 10,000%. 

“It’s a similar story for other sectors like accounting, retail and marketing that don’t normally require vaccination but are now starting to,” the report reads.

Of the sectors highlighted in the report, the one with the most job postings per million requiring vaccination in July was education. There were 2,166 job postings per million requiring vaccination that month, according to Indeed. …

Companies like McDonald’s, Disney, Walmart, Google, Tyson Foods and United Airlines have said that they will require at least some workers to be fully vaccinated. 

The Indeed report did not specifically address it, but MailOnline has spotted several job postings not requiring vaccination – instead providing small signing bonuses for those who are inoculated against Covid.

“New hires who show proof of their Covid vaccination earn a $100 bonus their first day,” reads a job posting for an Amazon warehouse attendant.

Worth reading in full.

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