Firms Charging Well Over The Advertised Cost for PCR Tests

PCR test providers are charging British holidaymakers up to four times more than the official advertised price for tests. In a bid to force “cowboy” firms to bring their prices down, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has lowered the price of NHS Test and Trace tests for some travellers from £88 to £68, still costing more than £270 for a family of four. The Telegraph has more.

Companies are claiming they can provide tests for as little as £20, which pushes them to the top of the Government’s list of approved travel test providers because they are the cheapest.

But once the potential customer clicks on to the firm’s website, they find the real prices are up to four times more than they claimed.

Others were found to be offering a cheap price but it was only available at one of their sites and only if the customer visited in person. This meant that for the vast majority of those who click on to them, they will only be available at the higher price. …

The Telegraph investigation found 247 HomeTesting, using North London Laboratory, was listed by the Government at £20 for an on-site test but charged £80 when people clicked through to its website. It lowered the price to £69 after being contacted by this newspaper.

Abicare Health was listed at £20 for a self-swab at home on the Government website. But those arriving from Green List countries for a day two test would actually have to pay £75 for a home test. The firm has been contacted for comment. 

1Rapid Clinics, using Nonacus Ltd, was listed by the Government as charging £23 for a day two home test. But this price was only applicable if  the kit was collected from their site in Marylebone, London.

A test for a trip to a Green List country delivered to a prospective holidaymaker’s home would cost £84. An on-site test was listed at £70. The firm has been contacted for comment. …

Karen Dee, the chief executive of the Airport Operators’ Association, said the Government’s measures [of slightly lowering the cost of its own testing services] were “little more than tinkering” and did not “go anywhere near far enough to meaningfully cut the costs of travel.”

Worth reading in full.

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