Australia’s Capital Entering Seven-Day Lockdown Following One Positive Covid Test

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is being plunged into lockdown for a whole week following the reporting of a single positive Covid test. Retail and hospitality venues will be closed, again, and residents will not be able to leave their homes for ‘non-essential’ reasons past 5pm. The Independent has the story.

Canberra joins Sydney, Melbourne and several cities in New South Wales state that are locked down due to the Delta variant.

Canberra residents can only leave home for essential reasons from 5pm on Thursday, general retail stores will be closed and hospitality venues will only to able to sell takeout, an Australian Capital Territory Government statement said.

Schools will be open to students who cannot stay at home.

The infection is the first locally-acquired case in the city of 460,000 since July 10th last year.

A Canberra resident, a man aged in his 20s, had been infectious in Canberra since Sunday and tested positive on Thursday, Australian Capital Territory Chief Health Officer Kerryn Coleman said.

The source of the infection was unknown, she said. Covid was detected in wastewater late Wednesday, she said.

The lockdown starts on the final day of a two-week sitting of the Federal Parliament.

Worth reading in full.

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